Welcome to the ARIN Vault

When you visit the ARIN website in search of historical information like reports from Public Policy & Members Meetings and Public Policy Consultations, meeting minutes for the Advisory Council and Board of Trustees, ARIN public announcements going back to 2002, and a range of corporate documents, you will find yourself in ARIN's Vault.

Using the navigation on the page, you can find information and documents relevant to ARIN's history, or using the "Search" link above, you can search for specific items. If you wish, you can return to the main ARIN website.

The ARIN Vault was developed to provide an easily searchable, accessible repository for historical documents. Navigation between the Vault and the rest of the ARIN website is designed to be seamless. The site navigation on www.arin.net is unchanged, and each Vault page has a "Return to www.arin.net" tab on the left border of the display. The Vault has its own internal navigation to make it easy to research historical documents, and changes have been made to our site's search functionality to enhance user's ability to search for archival content.

As part of this content migration, we have moved to a simple, responsive design that is easily accessible on phones and tablets.

Because this is an archive of content from the main ARIN website, these pages have generally not been updated since they were published and some content, specifically links to other pages and other references may be out-of-date or no longer available.