Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council - 17 March 2022 [Archived]


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  • Leif Sawyer, Chair (LS)
  • Kat Hunter, Vice Chair (KH)
  • Andrew Dul (AD)
  • Brian Jones (BJ)
  • Amy Potter (AP)
  • Joe Provo (JP)
  • Alyssa Quinn (AQ)
  • Rob Seastrom (RS)
  • Chris Tacit (CT)
  • Alicia Trotman (AT)
  • Matthew Wilder (MW)
  • Alison Wood (AW)
  • Chris Woodfield (CW)

ARIN Staff:

  • Michael Abejuela, (MA) General Counsel
  • John Curran, (JC) President and CEO
  • Jenny Fulmer, (JF) Staff Attorney
  • Sean Hopkins, (SH) Senior Policy Analyst
  • Richard Jimmerson, (COO) Chief Operating Officer
  • Lisa Liedel, (LL) Director, Registration Services
  • Therese Simcox, Sr. Executive Assistant, Scribe
  • John Sweeting, (CCO) Chief Customer Officer


  • Anita Nikolich (AN)
  • Kerrie Richards (KR - via Zoom)

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m. ET. The presence of a quorum was noted.

2. Agenda Review

The Chair reviewed the agenda with the Council and called for any comments. There were no comments.

3. Approval of the Minutes

(Exhibit A)

It was moved by CT, and seconded by RS, that:

“The ARIN Advisory Council approves the Minutes of 25 February 2022, as written.”

The Chair called for comments. There were no comments.

The motion carried with no objections.

4. Draft Policy ARIN-2020-6: Allowance for IPv4 Allocation “Swap” Transactions via 8.3 Specified Transfers and 8.4 Inter-RIR Transfers.

RS stated they will present at ARIN 49 as-is. There have been no changes. He intends on getting community feedback at the meeting. RS stated that they will move the policy in the direction it needs to go after community feedback is received.

5. Draft Policy ARIN-2021-3: Private AS Number and Unique Routing Policy Clarifications.

CT stated that wording from the staff and legal review was incorporated into the draft policy. There was only one comment on the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) that it may not be clear that multi homing is not a precondition to obtaining an ASN. Because of the addition of the words ‘has a plan’ and a bullet beneath the section listing multi homing, the text is forward looking and not ambiguous.

It was moved by CT, and seconded by JP, that:

“The ARIN Advisory Council moves ‘Draft Policy ARIN-2021-3: Private AS Number and Unique Routing Policy Clarifications’ to Recommended Draft Policy status.”

The Chair called for comments.

The motion carried with all in favor, via roll call vote.

6. Draft Policy ARIN-2021-4: Clarifications to Sections 8.3, 8.4 and 8.5.6.

AQ stated that there have been no changes since the AC’s last meeting and the policy will be going to ARIN 49 in its present form.

7. Draft Policy ARIN-2021-6: Permit IPv4 Leased Addresses for Purposes of Determining Utilization for Future Allocations.

AD stated that the text is under discussion on the PPML, and they intend to continue to monitor it and present the text as a draft policy at ARIN 49.

8. Draft Policy ARIN 2021-7: Make Abuse Contact Useful.

AP stated that the staff and legal has been conducted and the policy shepherds are updating the problem statement. She did ask a question about implementation regarding putting up a direction for creators to utilize the public comment section for the Abuse URL field, as it is not clear in the proposal that the option for an Abuse URL field was desirable vs. an option to add a specific field for it. She noted that folks are using the public comment field.

The President noted it’s the community’s database and a field can be added, but he noted that the proposal mentions both adding a field and using the comment field; therefore, it is not clear which option is being proposed. AP stated she would make revisions proposing that an additional field be added and post it to PPML for feedback.

9. Draft Policy ARIN 2021-8: Deprecation of the ‘Autonomous System Originations’ field.

AT stated that revisions have been made and there are no further actions and no comments have been received. The policy will be presented as-is at ARIN 49.

10. Draft Policy ARIN-2022-1: MDN Clarification for Qualification.

CW stated that the initial version was posted to PPML, and several comments were made in support, but one called out a sensible clarification to the language. He stated the language has been updated and re-posted to the PPML. He is awaiting comments. CW stated he intends to present it as a draft policy at ARIN 49.

He then requested a staff and legal review.

The Chair acknowledged the request. He stated an email of the request would be the best avenue to ensure that he receives instead of using a Slack channel.

11. ARIN-prop-305: Editorial Clean-up of NRPM Section 2.

AW stated that there have not been any updates at this time as the policy shepherds are working with the NRPM WG on the text regarding what areas will be policy changes and what areas will be editorial changes.

12. ARIN-prop-307: Remove Barrier to BGP Uptake in ASN Policy.

CT stated he and KR had some discussion, but they have not had a chance to fully discuss the proposal and will reach out to RS once they do.

13. ARIN AC Working Groups

  • Number Resource Policy Manual Working Group (NRPM WG) Update. JP stated the WG has reviewed prop-305 to divide the editorial and non-editorial elements and logically group it to avoid an omnibus document. The WG is also working with the PER on elements of Section 6 to maintain alignment.

  • Policy Development Process Working Group (PDP WG) Update. . AP stated that the WG is meeting next week to review possible changes in response to staff feedback.

  • Policy Experience Report Working Group (PER WG) Update. AW stated they are working with SH to set a meeting with staff. More to come after they meet.

14. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business items.

  • Changes in AC Member Affiliation or Employment. No changes were reported.
  • ARIN 49 Timing Deadlines. The Chair reviewed deadlines for text freezes, staff and legal deadlines, draft slide deck reviews and submissions, table topics and AC volunteers for sitting at tables.
  • ARIN 49 In-person vs Remote Participation for Presenters. The Chair stated that any AC members are attending remotely, please work with the other policy shepherd to deliver the presentation in person - if they are attending the meeting in person.
  • Grant Selection committee. The Chair called for a volunteer. CT volunteered and the Chair thanked him.
  • AC Standing Rules. The Chair stated that all AC members unanimously approved the amended AC Standing Rules, which can now be forwarded to the Board for approval.
  • PPM Registration and Representation. The Chair pointed the AC to a link where they can refresh their understanding on this item.
  • ARIN 49 Registration. SH reminded the AC to please register.

15. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 4:32 p.m. ET. AQ moved to adjourn, seconded by CW. The meeting adjourned with no objections.


Here in the Vault, information is published in its final form and then not changed or updated. As a result, some content, specifically links to other pages and other references, may be out-of-date or no longer available.