Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council - 18 September 2003 [Archived]


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Council Members

  • Alec Peterson, Chairman (AP)
  • Bill Darte (BD)
  • Andrew Dul (AD)
  • Ron da Silva (RD)
  • Dale Finkelson (DF)
  • Sanford H. George (SHG)
  • Mark Kosters (MK)
  • Lea Roberts (LR)
  • John Sweeting (JS)
  • Stacy Taylor (ST)
  • Cathy J. Wittbrodt (CJW)
  • Suzanne Woolf (SW)


  • Avi Freedman


  • Dana Argiro
  • Kevin Martin

ARIN Staff Attendees

  • Ray Plzak, President and CEO (RP)
  • Richard Jimmerson, Director of Operations (RJ)
  • Einar Bohlin, Policy Analyst (EB)
  • Thérèse Colosi, ARIN Recording Secretary

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. EDT. The presence of a quorum was noted. It was noted that Avi Freedman sent his apologies.

2. Agenda Bashing

The Chair asked for any comments. There were none.

3. Formal Approval of the Minutes of July 17, 2003

CJW moved that:

“The ARIN AC adopts the minutes of July 17, 2003 as written.”

This was seconded by ST. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Committee Report on 2003-5: RWhois Server Use Requirements

MK posted to AC RWhois list and AC list as well for comments. It will be posted to the PPML. The Chair asked if MK would post it as a modification to his original proposal. RP stated that ARIN planned on posting all the policies to the PPML on Monday 9/22/03. The Chair asked ARIN staff to include this proposal.

5. Committee Report on 2003-1 Human POC, and 2003-2 Network Abuse

AD stated he posted the following to the PPML as a question: Taking data and verifying POCs, and publishing into Whois. Some responded positively, and some commented on it being too procedural-oriented and not policy-oriented. AD then asked if the policy should be rewritten, or renumbered and discussed at the upcoming ARIN meeting. The Chair asked if there was any objection to a new proposal. There was no objection. The Chair entertained a motion to recommend this action.

AD moved that:

The ARIN AC abandon Policy Proposals 2003-1 and 2003-2, and put new forward one new proposal with new identifying number, incorporated comments received, to be discussed at the ARIN XII public policy meeting.

This was seconded by ST. The motion carried unanimously.

6. Committee Report on 2003-3 Residential Customer Privacy

ST reworded this proposal based on comments from the PPML, and re-posted it to the PPML. This proposal will be discussed at the ARIN meeting.

7. Committee Report on 2003-4 IPv6 Policy Changes

DF posted draft text to the AC IPv6 mailing list requesting information on what the other RIRs were interested in doing. RJ stated that those on the IPv6 edit list were in favor of a global discussion, not a regional proposal. This was sent to the PPML. LR asked if it should be abandoned or keep it going forward.

It was decided that DF would start a discussion on the PPML. RP interjected that discussion regarding the 200 number of customers should take place. It was agreed that DF would get a discussion going on the list.

8. Committee Report on 2003-12 IANA to RIR Allocation of IPv4 Address Space

The Chair called for volunteers to form a discussion group. RP gave a brief background on this issue stating that currently there is no policy on criteria for IANA to allocate v4 space to the RIRs. This proposal covers existing and emerging RIRs. The issue was discussed between all the RIRs and it’s a “meeting of the minds”, it is truly a global policy. It will need to go before the ICANN Board. The Chair felt this proposal should be assigned to “ac-iana” discussion group already in place. BD, SW and JS will be shepherding this proposal.

RP stated a similar discussion about IPv6 would be forthcoming shortly as well.

9. Committee Report on 2003-9 WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Chair asked if any comments had been received on this proposal. The AC had not heard much. This proposal will be on the Agenda at the ARIN meeting. The Chair asked if someone would contact the author, William Elan and ask him to present it. RJ stated that ARIN Staff would do so.

10. Committee Report on 2002-2 Experimental Resource Allocations

SW stated that this proposal is in the same situation as 2003-4. RP stated that this proposal has been in production for a year. SW stated that she would like to see another email posted to the PPML to say we’d like to move forward and to address concerns. RJ stated that ARIN staff can post an email to the PPML stating that this will be discussed at the upcoming public policy meeting and that some decision is needed, reminding people that are against it, that this needs to be decided upon one way or the other.

Bill Darte joined the call at this point, and apologized for his late arrival.

11. Committee Report on 2002-3 Micro-Assignments

BD stated the wording was posted to the PPML with no substantive discussion beyond any past discussion taking place. CJW stated this would be on the Agenda for discussion at the public policy meeting.

The Chair called for any other comments. ST stated that Dan Alexander submitted a proposal policy proposal about removing the maximum allocation limit of /13. EB confirmed receipt of the proposal.

12. Discuss 2003-10 Apply the HD Ratio to all Future IPv4 Allocations

The Chair called for volunteers to shepherd this. RD, ST, and CJW volunteered and a mailing list would be created as well.

13. Discuss 2003-11 Purpose and Scope of WHOIS Directory

The Chair stated that the AC should use the existing ac-whois list for PP 2003-9. This proposal will be discussed at the public policy meeting.

14. Discuss 2003-13 Six-Month Supply of IP Addresses

This policy is for ARIN members. The Chair called for volunteer with DF, LR, and JS volunteering. A mailing list will be created as well.

15. Committee Report on Management of Key Signing Key

The Chair stated that he understood that the ARIN Board is not going forward with this task. RP stated that was correct and that all the RIRs discussed this issue and agreed that it was not something they should do. He further stated that this will be brought up at the IETF in November when this proposal is discussed. This will also be reported by the Board at the ARIN meeting.

16. Committee Report on Cable Open Access Policy

CJW stated that nothing has happened since the last call. The Chair stated that if nothing happens by the public policy meeting, the issue should be dropped.

17. Committee Report on Policy Proposal Template

BD stated that ARIN Staff published a flowchart to the PPML that was commented on and it was then re-published. RJ further stated that several versions of the new policy process document have been reviewed, and that the most recent version is currently under review by Scott Bradner. He stated that it includes the template that BD and others originally drafted. The Chair asked RJ when they could expect it to go into effect. RJ replied sometime shortly after the public policy meeting. RP then interjected that a possible short Board meeting in Chicago may take place. The chair called for any further comments. There were none.

RJ then gave an update on AFRINIC. He stated that ISPs from the Africa portion of ARIN region are submitting a policy proposal to change the IPv4 policy so that it is moved back 2 bits. The multi-home policy minimum allocation size would a /22. They would need to show justification of /23. Even if not multi-homed, they are requesting a change to a /22 as well. RJ reiterated that this is only intended to apply to the Africa portion of the ARIN region until AFRINIC is recognized as an RIR. He explained that Policy Proposal 2002-3 was described to AFRINIC attendees, but they felt there was no guarantee that the policy would succeed, and wanted to submit their own policy proposal. RJ said that final words on the language are being finished and would be posted to the PPML on Monday.

RJ stated that ARIN will be broadcasting the meeting over the Internet for the first time (audio and video), and if possible, in the future interactive features would be added.

18. Review of Open Action Item List


JAN03-11 RJ, AF

It was suggested that regarding routability testing, the RIRs could announce the space themselves and see if they run into any problems. AF stated that he has set up reachability tests, and could informally provide this information to ARIN to determine what networks would not be able to reach the space.

Update 5/8/03: RJ stated that he has emailed AF letting him know that the next /8 allocation would likely be a 70/8 and if he was still willing, once ARIN made announcements to the mailing lists regarding the space, they could work together on some routability testing.

Updated 09/18/03: RJ stated that AF does have the resources to test, and when ARIN gets a new /8 from IANA close to year-end, immediate testing would begin. The Chair requested this issue be shelved until such time as testing begins. CLOSED.

MAY03-12 ARIN Board

Confirm AC’s recommendation to adopt Policy Proposals 2002-5: Amnesty Requests and 2002-6: Aggregation Requests.

Update: 7/18/03: These items are on the Board’s Agenda for their meeting on July 21, 2003. (Included here as an informational item to the AC).

RP stated that this was completed at the 7/21/03 ARIN Board meeting. CLOSED.


WG on Committee Report on Management of Key Signing Key. Status needed on the AC’s recommendation to the ARIN BOARD of the following before making a decision on this issue:

  1. The ARIN Board should request legal opinion(s) regarding how key signing could be accomplished while significantly limiting the liability concerns; and,

  2. The ARIN Board should request ARIN staff to provide a rough estimate of the resources that would be needed to provide this function.

BD seconded the motion and added the following friendly amendment:

  1. The ARIN Board concur that the ARIN Articles of Incorporation does not preclude ARIN from performing this activity. This was discussed under item 15 above. CLOSED.

19. Any Other Business

The Chair asked if there was any other business. CJW commented to please nominate qualified people for ASO AC, that there were only one or two nominations so far.

The Chair stated that the next AC meeting will be in Chicago at the ARIN XII Meeting in October.

20. Adjournment

Chair called for a motion to adjourn at 3:06 pm EDT. BD moved to adjourn and this was seconded by CJW. The motion passed unanimously.


Here in the Vault, information is published in its final form and then not changed or updated. As a result, some content, specifically links to other pages and other references, may be out-of-date or no longer available.