Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council - 03 April 2001 [Archived]


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San Francisco, California


  • Alec Peterson, Chairman
  • Bill Darte
  • Mark Kosters
  • Bill Manning
  • Kevin Martin
  • Jeremy Porter
  • Ron Roberts
  • Barbara Roseman
  • John Sweeting
  • Cathy Wittbrodt
  • Ray Plzak, ARIN President
  • Scott Marcus, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • Michael Straty, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • Dennis Molloy, ARIN Counsel
  • Susan Hamlin, Recording Secretary
  • Apologies: Steve Corbato, Justin Newton
  • Absent: Tony Li, Avi Freedman, Guy Middleton

Advisory Council Chairman Alec Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Roll call attendance was taken. The agenda was reviewed and adopted. Self-introductions were made.

Election of a Chairperson: Nominations received by the ARIN staff were read. Mark Kosters nominated Alec Peterson and Steve Corbato nominated Cathy Wittbrodt. The floor was open for additional nominations. Bill Manning was nominated by Ron Roberts. Cathy Wittbrodt declined her nomination.

Alec Peterson moved, That the AC Chair nomination period be closed. Ron Roberts seconded the motion, which was then passed by unanimous vote.

Mark Kosters moved, That Alec Peterson be elected Chairman of the ARIN Advisory Council. Bill Darte seconded the motion.

There was a call for a vote on the nomination of Alec Peterson for Advisory Council Chairman. The motion carried by a vote of 9 ayes and 1 abstention (Alec Peterson).

Virtual Web Hosting Policy Follow-up: During the discussion in the Public Policy meeting, it was recognized that language was omitted from the draft sent out to the public policy mailing list prior to the ARIN VII meetings. Language needs to be added regarding the mandatory collection of reasons for those not utilizing name-based hosting.

Action Item: Barbara Roseman volunteered to draft the revised language and send it out on the Advisory Council list for comment. Once the Advisory Council agrees to language, that recommended language will be placed on the ppml and vwg lists for public comment. Following the “Last Call” comment period of ten (10) working days, the Advisory Council will meet to consider additional input and determine if a recommendation is then ready to be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

IPv6 Policy Follow-up: There was review of the discussion on this issue that occurred during the Fall 2000 Public Policy meeting. All agreed that the RIR’s should take a common position on the policy and in monitoring the application of the policy.

Action Item: Bill Manning agreed to craft a message regarding the recommended policy to put out on the appropriate mailing lists for comment, following the procedures set forth in the “Internet Resources Policy Evaluation Process.” After the comment period, the Advisory Council will meet to discuss any issues raised on the mailing list and determine if the recommendation is then ready to be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

Utilitzation Discussion: Discussion began on how to define the term “utilization”. Everyone agreed that the RIRs should use the same terminology and definition in talking about the issue and in publication of statistics. Scott Marcus commented that statistics on the state of allocations, as presented recently by Frank Solensky at IETF and himself at the Public Policy meeting, are to be published on the RIR websites. Comments on additional methods to publicize the information were solicited.

Micro Allocations: Alec Peterson opened the discussion by asking if, based on the discussion in the Public Policy meeting earlier today, the issue could be closed Finding no consensus that the issue is resolved, discussion ensued on how to collect useful data to support the need or to disseminate information on “best practices”.

Action item: Cathy Wittbrodt, Jeremy Porter, and Bill Manning volunteered to draft a summary of the Public Policy meeting discussion and to collect data and materials in order to put together some references on how to deal with the issue. Their draft will be circulated to the full Advisory Council for review and comment.

AS Allocation Policy: There was general discussion concerning the need for conservation of AS numbers. While it was agreed that it is probably too early to place any restrictions on the allocation of these numbers, members of the Advisory Council agreed to monitor the statistics and begin to think about possible reclamation of unused AS numbers.

Action Item: Bill Manning volunteered to look at the data to determine how many AS numbers might be involved in a reclamation effort, and he agreed to make some initial calls to determine the feasibility of such a project.

Procedure for Policy Advocacy: Bill Darte cited the recently published “Internet Resources Policy Evaluation Process” written by the ARIN Board of Trustees. There were no comments regarding the document other than it was needed.

Separate Abuse Contacts in Whois: Kevin Martin had placed this item on the agenda. He withdrew it, noting that during the Public Policy meetings on Monday morning, it was mentioned that such a contact would be added to the list of points of contact.

Discussion of Open Mike Topics:

  1. Multiple maintainers: It was agreed that the Advisory Council should examine the options first, as the fees discussion would naturally follow. The Advisory Council will discuss the issue on its mailing list and perhaps develop some guidelines.
  2. Action Item: Cathy Wittbrodt will send out a policy used by the cable industry as a reference for further discussion.
  3. RWhois: Mark Kosters led the discussion stating that RWhois is currently being maintained, but not developed. A few major providers are using it, including some outside of the ARIN region. It was suggested that ARIN discuss taking over the project in order to attract more open community support for it. The Advisory Council decided to table any further discussion on the issue until after the Members Meeting on Wednesday.

Participation of AC members at ARIN meetings: Concern was expressed over the lack of participation at meetings and on teleconference calls by some members of the Advisory Council. Counsel was asked to read the section of the Bylaws pertaining to removal of a member of the Advisory Council, Article VIII, Section 11.

Action Item: Staff was directed to add every member of the Advisory Council to every ARIN mailing list if an individual was not already subscribed.

Discussion continued on the need for requiring a documented response to meeting notifications.

John Sweeting moved, That the Chairman of the Advisory Council send out a message to the full Advisory Council stating that everyone must respond in writing to all meeting announcements, both in-person and telephonic meetings. Those unable to attend must send their regrets in advance of the meeting.

Bill Darte seconded the motion, which was subsequently passed by unanimous vote.

Any Other Business: There was none.

Schedule Next Meeting: It was agreed that the next meeting would be a teleconference meeting.

Action Item: Alec Peterson will monitor the discussion on the various policy lists and will send out a meeting announcement after the appropriate discussion time frame has passed.

Ron Roberts moved that the meeting adjourn at 9:30 PM. Cathy Wittbrodt seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.


Here in the Vault, information is published in its final form and then not changed or updated. As a result, some content, specifically links to other pages and other references, may be out-of-date or no longer available.