ARIN XI Members Meeting Minutes [Archived]


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Announcements and Call to Order

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Ray Plzak opened the meeting at 9:00 AM (CDT), with thanks to the sponsors, and a preview of the day’s agenda.

Department Reports

ARIN department directors presented status reports on their respective department’s accomplishments and goals.

Human Resources & Administration

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Speaker: Mary K. Lee, ARIN Director of Human Resources and Administration


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Speaker: Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Business


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Speaker: Ginny Listman, ARIN Director of Engineering

Member Services

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Speaker: Susan Hamlin, ARIN Director of Member Services

Registration Services

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Speaker: Leslie Nobile, ARIN Director of Registration Services

  • Dave Barger asked a question concerning SWIP removals and whether they are automated right now. He said it looks like they’re being processed in batches twice a day. Leslie said they are. He asked them to look into a little more frequency. Leslie said she’ll check into it.

ARIN Advisory Council Report

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Chair and Presenter: Alec Peterson

Advisory Council Chair Alec Peterson reported on the activities of the AC, including the previous night’s meeting. He stated that the AC is trying to change the way it works, both with existing policy proposals, and the process going forward. At least two AC members will be assigned to a policy area and will be tasked with keep track of it. He added that the AC adopted a new procedure for the election of its Chair.

He reported on the policies that the AC addressed:

  • 2003-1 and 2003-2: Abandoned as they are. The AC will look at the concepts represented by these proposals and will work with the authors address these issues in a new proposal.

  • 2003-3: More research is needed on general database issues and privacy

  • 2003-4: IPv6 Working Group will consider this proposal and come back with recommendations

  • 2003-5: The AC supports this proposal with some minor changes. A final call is pending.

  • 2003-6: Abandoned as is, feedback incorporated with 2002-3

  • 2003-7: Abandoned as is, though there will be an education effort of the AC about the RIR’s relationship with IANA, with an eye towards developing a global policy.

  • 2003-8: Abandoned.

  • 2003-9: Abandoned as is, though the AC will be developing a general WHOIS AUP based on current bulk WHOIS AUP.

  • 2002-2: The AC will work on a new version incorporating feedback into a straw man for an inter-RIR design team which will focus on a global policy.

  • 2002-3: The AC will be working on simplifying existing multi-homing proposal.

  • 2002-5 : Final call pending with minor changes

  • 2002-6: Final call pending with minor changes

Alec also highlighted new issues the AC will be looking at:

  • MSO/Open Access

  • Key Signing Key Management – if possible, recommendation to board

General Comments:

  • Barbara Roseman commented that in regards to Policy Proposal 2002-2 and an inter-RIR design team, Randy Bush specifically requested some non-RIR personnel. Alec Peterson responded that the team has yet to be formed.

ARIN Board Report

Chairman and Presenter** : John Curran**

John Curran, ARIN Board of Trustees Chairman, reported on the activities of the Board. The Board has been working on policies to make sure business is conducted in a fair and open manner. Over the last 6 months, the Board has taken 6 Internet resource actions that matched recommendations of the AC. It is rare that the Board meddles with Advisory Council actions. The Board has adopted a conflict of interest policy for Trustees, adopted a privacy statement for the ARIN website, and worked to make sure ARIN has a good working relationship with the rest of the Internet community, e.g., ICANN and the other RIRs. On a final note, he added that ARIN has a stable financial footing, and passed a budget for 2003. He ended with a reminder that elections were coming up in September.

There were no questions.

Financial Report

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Treasurer and Presenter: Lee Howard

Lee Howard, member of ARIN’s Board of Trustees and Treasurer, gave a financial report. He discussed the audit of ARIN’s finances, updates on the Finance Committee and the ARIN budget. He said there was an increase in the budget due to greater tenure of ARIN staff and an increase in staff positions. Lee stated that renewals have increased steadily and announced that the new maintenance fee of $100 would take effect beginning July 1, 2003.

Maintenance Fee Discussion

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Moderator: John Curran

John Curran reminded those present of the discussion from last meeting regarding maintenance fees. He stated that at that time consensus was to institute a $100 total cap fee for maintenance fees. We want to make sure the cost of keeping ARIN going is adequately handled.

There were no questions.

Open Microphone

Moderator: John Curran

General Comments:

  • William Leibzon asked about changes to the AC. John Curran responded with the new policy process changes, the AC is going to be involved in the formation and shepherding of policies. When we get to the meetings, the policies will have already been vetted and word-smithed. Discussion followed with John Curran and Scott Bradner clarifying some issues and misunderstandings for William.

  • Comment from the floor that on PPML it is not easy to judge consensus, meetings are better for that.

  • Bill Darte asked to refocus conversation and addressed the idea of contention between members who sit out here in the audience and those on the AC. He stated that the AC is here to represent the participants in the industry. He encouraged people to contact the AC, either individually or en masse, as they want to work with the community to be sure everyone is heard on any policy issue. While the AC may disagree with certain issues, we will soon have a method to get around that as well. He finished by voicing support for this policy process change.

  • Alex McKenzie said that he had previously misunderstood the mission of the AC, and enjoyed seeing what Scott Bradner’s proposal was on Monday. Alex said he liked the idea of the AC taking an active role, especially with the protections of being able to submit policies without AC support.

  • William Leibzon voiced concern about moving discussion off of the PPML. John Curran replied that nothing was going to be moved off the PPML, and Scott Bradner added that the PPML is an integral part of the policy process and it will continue to be. Scott stated that this is just an attempt to make sure one or two people can’t filibuster a policy proposal widely supported at a meeting during its Final Call. John remarked that it must be recognized that it is the job of the AC to monitor discussion for consensus. There will now be a path for proposals to get in front of the Board without AC support

  • Kim Hubbard encouraged John Curran and Scott Bradner to run again for the Board of Trustees, citing that their terms would be up at the end of the year. John Curran said that as part of the election process this fall, everyone would get the chance to voice their support of whomever they wished during the normal election process.

Closing Announcements and Meeting Adjournment

Ray Plzak made closing announcements, and again thanked the NASA and Comcast for being sponsors. He thanked the audience for their efforts in making the meeting a success and encouraged feedback on the ARIN XI Survey form on the website or via e-mail to Member Services. The meeting was adjourned at 10:36 AM (CDT).

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Here in the Vault, information is published in its final form and then not changed or updated. As a result, some content, specifically links to other pages and other references, may be out-of-date or no longer available.