Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes - 19 March 1998 [Archived]


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Chantilly, Virginia

The meeting was called to order by John Curran, Chairman, at 9:20 AM in the ARIN Board Room in Chantilly, Virginia. In attendance were Board Members Scott Bradner, John Curran, Ken Fockler, and Doug Humphrey. Also in attendance were Kim Hubbard, ARIN President and Dennis Malloy, legal counsel. Board member Don Telage was not present.

As the first order of business, John welcomed the newest members of the Board, Ken Fockler and Doug Humphrey.

The proposed meeting agenda was modified to add the following: general communications, GAR, Year 2000, BGP, email discussion on the AC list, and an issue involving a change in the voting status of the President of ARIN.

Meetings convened by teleconference January 30, 1998 and March 3, 1998 require no ratification as no electronic ballots were taken at those meetings.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Scott Bradner made a motion to approve the minutes as read, there being no changes required. Ken Fockler seconded the motion. The motion carried with none opposed and Doug Humphrey abstaining based on his not being on the Board at the time the meeting occurred.

A motion to approve the minutes of the teleconference on January 30, 1998 was made by Scott and seconded by Ken. All were in favor with Doug abstaining.

Ken moved to approve the minutes of the teleconference on March 3, 1998. Scott seconded the motion. The motion carried with none opposed, one abstention by Doug.

The Board then reviewed a copy of the Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer’s Report will be added to the permanent record of this meeting. Following the review of the Treasurer’s Report, a decision was made to recognize revenue on a month to month basis for the members. Cash flow and budget projections are all on target. John moved to accept the financial report and Scott seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote.

The resignation of Randy Bush has left the Treasurer’s seat vacant. A discussion ensued as to the appropriate delegation of the duties of the Treasurer during such a vacancy. Scott nominated Ken Fockler for the position of Treasurer. John seconded the motion. There being none opposed, the motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

Completing old business, it was announced that the Contract with Network Solutions, Inc. has been signed and includes the software maintenance agreement requested by the Board.

The next order of business was to consider including the President as a voting member of the BoT. Scott made a formal motion to recommend to the AC that Kim Hubbard be made a voting member of the Board. General discussion endued concerning the pros and cons of making the President a voting member. Ken mentioned that he had been a CEO and a non-voting member. Dennis Malloy, Counsel for ARIN stated that it is not unusual for a President to have voting privileges. Scott stated that Kim’s role in the startup and amount of labor should be recognized. Ken seconded the motion. Doug stated that there might be some concern with how ARIN is viewed by the public. John suggested that if the President has the vote, the neutrality of the position as the liaison between the BoT and the Advisory Council will be lost and further suggested that perhaps the AC Chair could attend BoT meetings and be the representative from the BoT to the AC. The motion carried with all in favor. The Chairman will communicate information regarding the change to the AC. Scott made a motion to ask Dennis, as counsel, to draft an appropriate update to the bylaws reflecting the changes. Doug seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote.

Responding to a situation arising from some of the discussion on the AC mailing list, Scott put forth a motion to request that the Chairman draft a general message to the AC clarifying the Board’s position regarding mailing list postings.

In subsequent discussion, the need for clearly defined procedures and the role of the AC Chairman were explored. The AC should work on task items, such as the AC selection process but requires input from the members. The Chair should get the task list.

ARIN’s Website

Members will be approached about asking for volunteers to translate some of ARIN’s documents to other languages used in ARIN’s jurisdiction.

Routing Registry

ARIN has been approached on the subject of taking over the routing registry from Merit at the end of the year. This could create the possibility of adding more liability for ARIN. In the past, the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded the routing registry. No decision was made regarding this suggestion.

National NICs

During a discussion about the status of national NICs, a decision was made that, at present, ARIN will process IP address requests from the national NICs in the same manner as requests from ISPs, charging appropriate fees based on the size of the allocation. It was further determined that no new national NICs should be created or major policy decisions made with respect to national NICs until the larger issues of Internet governance are resolved.

ARIN Position on the Green Paper

ARIN’s response to the Green Paper will be posted on the ARIN website. Comments stating that the regional registries have been discussing the creation of an organization to be known as the Global Address Registry (GAR) are to be included in the response. It is ARIN’s position that development of IP address policies should be bottom up from the individual registries, to the regional registries, to GAR, as the regional registries have worked with IANA in the past. It is anticipated that GAR will be involved in the structure and development of the new corporation described in the green paper with respect to IP address assignment. It was further noted that the coming restructuring of IANA will require ARIN to take a position with respect to the organizational structure and the role of the US Government defining that structure.

John moved that the BoT instruct the President to continue discussions with the other registries regarding the creation of GAR. Scott seconded the motion. The motion carried with none opposed.

Year 2000

Scott requested that ARIN verify its Year 2000 readiness. After checking to confirm that all hardware and software at ARIN are Year 2000 compatible, Kim will report back to the BoT. A listing of planned hardware and software will be implemented to make sure that they are Year 2000 compatible.

Ken Fockler left the meeting at 3:00 PM.


As there has already been pressure on ARIN regarding the allocation of IPv6 space, it was decided that a working group, to include the other regional registries, should be formed to look into this issue. Noting that ARIN has been approached by the IANA regarding the allocation of IPv6 space, the Board recommended that a conceptual document and consensus process be provided to the regional registries through the IETF. A motion to accept this recommendation was made by Doug and seconded by John. The motion carried unanimously.

Confidential Information

There is a need to formulate a policy regarding the protection of confidential information. A statement regarding confidential company information will be formulated to specify:

  • Who receives the information
  • Where it is stored
  • What security practices are in place
  • That the information does not leave the premises
  • That only appropriate staff (i.e. the IP Group) should read the information

A motion to direct the President to produce this document regarding confidential information was made by Scott and seconded by Doug. The motion carried unanimously. This document will be provided to all ARIN employees.

Membership Meeting

John will provide the executive summary at the meeting scheduled for March 20, 1998. The agenda for the member meeting was reviewed.

A general agreement was made to schedule the next BoT meeting in approximately two months.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 PM.


Here in the Vault, information is published in its final form and then not changed or updated. As a result, some content, specifically links to other pages and other references, may be out-of-date or no longer available.