ARIN Bits: June 2023

ARIN Bits: June 2023

Summertime and the livin’ is… busy! On the heels of a whirlwind first quarter, April, May, and June have been just as full of upgrades, programs, deployments, and documents. In this edition of Bits we share important updates from this past quarter and details about upcoming items, including: the 2023 ARIN Elections cycle, a new Policy Development Process, improvements to our RPKI management system, industry events on our calendar, and much more. Read on to learn about everything under the sun at ARIN and in our community.

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In This Edition

ARIN Elections 2023

Submit Your Self-Nomination for the 2023 ARIN Elections

If you’re interested in playing a pivotal role within the ARIN community and helping guide Internet governance and policy development in our region, now is the time to take the next step. ARIN is currently accepting nominations to fill three full-term seats and a one-year term seat on the Board of Trustees and five full-term seats on the Advisory Council (AC). Any individual may submit a self-nomination — association with a General Member organization is not required. Read the Call for Nominations announcement and the Nominations 101 blog post for more information, to access the nomination applications, and to view requirements, expected qualifications, and responsibilities for these elected positions.

The Call for Nominations for the Board of Trustees and AC, and to fill one ARIN region seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC), opened Friday,16 June, and will close this Friday, 30 June. Submit yours today!

Watch the Leadership Development Series
If you’re looking to take on a leadership role in the ARIN community — or just get a better understanding of how you can participate without running for office — our on-demand Leadership Development Series makes it easy and convenient to learn about the process. These two short instructional videos on Governance and Policy explain how ARIN fits into the larger Internet governance community, our election cycle, the composition and responsibilities of the ARIN Board of Trustees and AC, and how you can get involved.

A Reminder About Voting
Voting in ARIN Elections is restricted to the Voting Contacts of General Members in Good Standing in place 45 days before the election. If you want to vote this fall, please be sure to update your organization’s Voting Contact information by Monday, 4 September. If your organization is currently a Service Member but would like to participate in ARIN Elections, please log in to your ARIN Online account and submit your request to be a General Member and establish a Voting Contact before that date.

Stay Up-to-Date on ARIN Elections
Are you on the General Members Mailing List? Join now to take part in important conversations on topics related to the governance of ARIN, including discussions about the 2023 election cycle now underway. Subscription to this list is limited to General Members, Trustees, and key ARIN staff. Learn more and subscribe with an email address associated with an ARIN General Member organization by visiting our Mailing Lists webpage.

View the ARIN 51 Meeting Report

The ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting Report, including presentations, links to daily recaps on our blog, transcripts, and webcast archives, is available on our website. Thank you to everyone who participated in person or virtually at ARIN 51 and made it a success! Please plan to join us for ARIN 52 taking place 19-20 October in San Diego, California, and online so you can continue participating in this critical part of ARIN’s Policy Development Process.

ARIN’s new Polidy Development Process

Get to Know the New Policy Development Process

As of 1 May 2023, a new Policy Development Process (PDP) is in place to guide the ARIN community. The process for making this update began in 2020 with the establishment of an Advisory Council (AC) PDP Working Group (WG) charged with: improving the readability of the document; resolving issues noted over the past decade; and resolving ambiguity in the structure. In consultation with the rest of the AC, the PDP WG determined that these goals would best be accomplished by a rewrite of the PDP, which structured it to be a more user-friendly step-by-step format. Along with revisions and the addition of some definitions for clarity, several other updates are incorporated.

For more information about the updates along with why and how these revisions were made, you can:

Read the 2022 ARIN Annual Report

After the end of each fiscal year, ARIN staff compiles and publishes an annual report. Last year ARIN celebrated its 25th anniversary along with many other successes, so take a look at the 2022 annual report to learn more about them. The report shares information about the activities of the ARIN staff, Board of Trustees, and Advisory Council, as well as ARIN’s activities within the global Internet community. You’ll find updates from our President and Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of ARIN’s Board of Trustees , summaries of accomplishments from ARIN’s executive team, service level reports, departmental highlights and outcomes, and much more. Thank you to everyone who supported us in achieving our organizational objectives during 2022!

The 2022 ARIN Annual Report is now available for download at:

Apply for the ARIN 52 Fellowship Program (Soon)

Are you interested in meeting other members of the ARIN community, getting an in-depth introduction to the ARIN organization and Policy Development Process (PDP), and preparing to actively participate in the ARIN 52 Public Policy and Members Meeting — all with the mentorship of an experienced ARIN community member? Consider applying for the next ARIN Fellowship Program! This fall’s program includes virtual sessions before and after ARIN 52 in San Diego, California, and Fellows may choose to attend the full meeting either virtually or in person.

The call for applications will open on Thursday, 6 July, and run through Wednesday, 26 July. In the meantime, check out the blog for stories from past programs and participants to get a feel for what being an ARIN Fellow is all about.

Prepare for the Legacy Fee Cap Expiration

If your organization holds legacy Internet number resources not under an ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA), time is running out to take advantage of reduced fees for those resources. The legacy fee cap, which limits annual maintenance fees for legacy resources, will expire on 1 January 2024. By signing a Legacy Registration Services Agreement (LRSA) before this deadline, you can lock in significantly lower fees while gaining access to ARIN’s routing security services, governance participation opportunities, and other membership benefits.

For additional information about LRSAs and services available to organizations holding legacy resources, visit the Legacy Resources page on our website.

If your organization is a governmental entity or similar institution, view specific guidance on the information required for ARIN to consider limited modifications to the LRSA.


Check Out the Latest Upgrades to ARIN’s RPKI

The latest version of ARIN Online, released in May 2023, includes multiple improvements to ARIN’s Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) management system to simplify processes for Hosted and Delegated RPKI customers. These improvements comprise a new, streamlined process for Route Origin Authorization (ROA) creation and maintenance, the introduction of auto-renewal for ROAs created via ARIN Online or the new RESTful provisioning endpoint, automation of previously ticketed processes, and an updated confirmation click-through sequence for a more efficient RPKI experience.

We hope these changes will make signing up for RPKI services much easier for our customers. Read the May release notes to learn more, look for an instructional video featuring the changes coming soon, and stay tuned for more information about additional upgrades to the RPKI dashboard, navigation, and management planned for later this year.

Catch ARIN on the Road in Rochester

We’re heading upstate (New York, that is) for ARIN on the Road’s second stop of 2023! If you’re in the Rochester area and want to experience our amazing community in person, learn more about ARIN, and explore what we can offer your organization, then don’t miss your chance when this special event comes to town Tuesday, 26 September. ARIN staff will be on site to answer questions about IPv6 deployment and IPv4 status, discuss RPKI and routing security, provide an intro to the Policy Development Process, and more. Need more reasons to attend? We shared five on the blog.

Stay tuned to our website for registration opening soon: ARIN on the Road.

Find ARIN at Upcoming Industry Meetings and Community Events

In addition to the ARIN events we host — like the biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings and our ARIN on the Road workshops — we attend many community events where you can join us to hear updates and presentations, ask us questions, get help with your ARIN account and resources, and more. Here’s where you can find us in the next few months:

For a full list of the events ARIN will be participating in, visit our Community Event Calendar online.

Current Draft Policies and Proposals

Number Title Current Version Status Staff/Legal Review(s) Community Presentation
ARIN-2022-12 Direct Assignment Language Update 20 March 2023 Draft Policy None ARIN 50, ARIN 51
ARIN-2023-1 Retire Slow Start 23 May 2023 Draft Policy None None
ARIN-2023-2 /26 initial IPv4 allocation for IXPs 20 June 2023 Draft Policy None None
ARIN-2023-3 Amendment of the waitlist agreement to include a restriction on leasing 20 June 2023 Draft Policy None None

Find the status of current policy discussions on our website and subscribe to the ARIN-PPML (Public Policy Mailing List) to voice your opinions. Remember, membership is not required to participate!

Here’s a tip from RSD

A Tip From Our Registration Services Department

An Organization (Org) Recovery is typically requested when the current Administrative (Admin) or Technical (Tech) Points of Contact are no longer with the organization represented by an Organization Identifier (Org ID).  However, depending on your circumstances, better or more cost-effective options may be available for solving the problem.

What if the Org ID was created years ago by your upstream provider and only contains reassigned or reallocated resources? Or maybe it no longer holds resources at all, but you’re planning to request them. While you could submit an Org Recovery request to add yourself as the new Point of Contact for the Org ID, you have another option which may be more advantageous and less expensive. Read this blog post to find out what it is and how to use it: Do You Really Need an Org Recovery?

Customer and Member Statistics (as of 1 June 2023)

  • 39,355 total customer organizations, including 7,221 General Member organizations and 10,004 Service Member organizations
  • 14,763 organizations holding Legacy Resources; 7,389 organizations holding only ASNs
  • 299 IPv6 delegations equating to 403.61 /32s of IPv6 address space (YTD); 45.7% General Member organizations hold an IPv6 block

Year-to-Date Through 31 May 2023

  • 1,063 transfers requested, 1,047 transfer tickets processed
  • 30,439 /24s transferred via 8.2 transfers; 24,564 /24s transferred via 8.3
  • 2,103 /24s outgoing 8.4 transfers; 2,129 /24s incoming 8.4 transfers
    • 13 /24s to APNIC; 35 /24s from APNIC
    • 10 /24s to LACNIC; 36 /24s from LACNIC
    • 2,080 /24s to RIPE NCC; 2,058 /24s from RIPE NCC

Statistic of Interest: Both IPv6 requests and delegations have been on a steady increase month-to-month in 2023, as seen on our Statistics webpage. In-region transfers (8.2 and 8.3) seem to be trending down, while incoming 8.4 transfers have picked back up recently.

See all our monthly statistics here.

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