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ARIN 48 Virtual Fellowship Program

The ARIN Fellowship Program is a defined, staff-driven program designed to broaden inclusion, diversity, engagement, and volunteerism amongst community members within the ARIN region.

Bringing the Fellowship Program to a virtual space is necessary to keep the program operational in 2021 and to continue growing involvement in the ARIN community. With four structured sessions, it provides more time for Fellows to delve deeper into discussions related to ARIN’s Policy Development Process (PDP) and learn about ARIN’s work and services before the Public Policy and Members Meeting begins. The virtual program still provides focused interaction to develop relationships between Fellows, seasoned technology professionals in the community, and ARIN staff and leadership. ARIN Fellows are paired with an ARIN community member mentor throughout the virtual program as well.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about ARIN and becoming a part of an active, involved, and committed community, then ARIN looks forward to receiving your Virtual Fellowship application. More information on the ARIN 49 Fellowship Program will be posted in January 2022.

What our Fellows have said…

“The time to really delve into discussions was useful. It is a friendly diverse group of people! Don’t hesitate to ask questions - they feed discussion."

-ARIN 47 Virtual Fellow

Am I eligible to apply?

The Virtual Fellowship Program is open to individuals from ARIN customer organizations or individuals 18 years and older having a direct and visible engagement in the ARIN community who reside in the ARIN region: Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and Outlying Areas who have an interest in learning more about ARIN’s programs and services and Internet number resource policy and discussions in the ARIN region. Special consideration will be given to those new to the organization who have never attended an ARIN meeting before and present a compelling case for being a part of this virtual program.

Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for an ARIN Fellowship:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Understand the importance of ARIN’s mission and have some familiarity with ARIN Services through their professional experience
  • Subscribed to the ARIN Announce and ARIN Public Policy mailing lists
  • Present a compelling case for attending the Virtual Fellowship Program, including:
    • what they intend to accomplish or get out of attending,
    • how attending would help them in their work or study,
    • how they intend to apply/share their ARIN experience, and
    • how a mentorship experience would benefit their understanding and interest in IP numbering, Internet governance, and policy development.
  • Submit a professional headshot
  • Sign and return the ARIN Fellowship Terms and Conditions within three business days of accepting a Fellowship
  • Complete a Virtual Fellowship Program evaluation after the conclusion of the meeting, which consists of a survey and one-page written summary (Fellows who do not complete the program evaluation will be ineligible to reapply for a future Fellowship)
  • Review the pre-meeting educational agenda
  • Have the support and approval from current employer, if needed, prior to applying for and/or accepting an ARIN Virtual Fellowship
  • Commit to attending each of the four virtual sessions via Zoom and participating 100% which includes turning cameras and microphones on during discussions
  • Register and attend the virtual ARIN 48 Public Policy Meeting (19 and 20 October 2021)
  • Engage in additional ARIN 48 virtual or hybrid events as able – including the Election Forum (28 October 2021) and Members Meeting (4 November 2021)

All applicants must complete the online Virtual Fellowship Program application in full and submit it by 31 August 2021 in order to be eligible. A preview of some of the Fellowship application questions is available below. Please note that ARIN staff may not be used as references.

What our Fellows have said…

“My experience as a Virtual Fellow exceeded expectations. I thought I would be lost and confused by the policy discussions during ARIN 47 but was able to follow along quite well, thanks to the Fellowship meetings and materials provided."

-ARIN 47 Virtual Fellow

How do I apply?

The application period is closed at this time. Applications for the ARIN 49 Fellowship Program will open in January 2022. Questions? Please email

Request a Personalized Letter for Your Employer

To request a personalized letter to send to your employer highlighting the benefits of applying to ARIN’s Fellowship Program and attending an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting, please email

How are Fellows chosen?

2021 Fellowship Selection Committee

  • Amanda Gauldin, ARIN Staff
  • Chris Woodfield, General Member in Good Standing
  • Jaymon Lefebvre, Past ARIN Fellow
  • Rudolph Daniel, Past ARIN Fellow

The Fellowship Selection Committee is led by a member from ARIN’s Communications Department and includes volunteer representatives from the ARIN-elected bodies, General Members in Good Standing, and past fellows. Together, they evaluate applications and select Fellows for the spring and fall meetings.

The Committee is charged with evaluating the applications and selecting the applicants who are best suited for an ARIN Fellowship. The Committee’s decision is guided by the selection criteria outlined in the “Am I eligible to apply” section and at its sole discretion. The Committee will also take into consideration a desire to provide opportunities to individuals from a broad diversity of organization types and geographic locations.

The Committee may award up to 12 ARIN Fellowships per ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting but may elect to award fewer. The Committee may also designate two additional applicants to serve as primary and secondary alternate awardees in the event a selected Fellow must decline their ARIN Virtual Fellowship.

The decisions of the Committee are final, and the awards will be announced on ARIN’s website. All Committee communications and deliberations regarding potential Fellows will be kept confidential.

How are the selected Fellows announced?

Those selected as Fellows are notified by ARIN’s Communications Department. After their acceptance is confirmed, the selected Fellows are announced on the ARIN Current and Past ARIN Fellows webpage and to the ARIN Announce mailing list. Applicants not selected to receive the Fellowship in the current round are eligible and encouraged to apply in future rounds.

How does mentorship work?

Members of the ARIN Advisory Council and seasoned community members serve as mentors, providing advice and sharing experience that will provide a smooth transition into the ARIN community. Mentors are assigned prior to the meeting so that Fellows can be introduced virtually before the sessions begin. The mentor and Fellows will have weekly breakout room sessions to learn more about ARIN’s processes and operations and discuss how to best prepare to understand and engage during the upcoming Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Know someone who would be interested?

Help us spread the word by directing them to our Fellowship Flyer.

Who are the Current and Past Fellows?

See all ARIN Current and Past Fellowship Recipients

What our Fellows have said…

“I am seeing a structure to ARIN that is beginning to make sense and I’m very happy to learn about existing resources for going deeper into aspects of ARIN. I look forward to growing in understanding."

-ARIN 47 Virtual Fellow

ARIN Virtual Fellowship Application Questions

Below are the questions asked on the ARIN 48 Virtual Fellowship Program application. The application site opens 28 July 2021 and is linked to this page.

  1. In what ways are you interested in the work of ARIN? Check all that apply:

    • Internet number resource policy development
    • IPv6 deployment
    • IPv4 matters including the transfer market
    • Routing security (RPKI and IRR)
    • Internet governance
    • Other (please comment)
  2. Do you work for an ARIN customer or member organization?

    • Yes*
    • No
      *If yes, what is the Organization Identifier (Org ID)?:
  3. What is your current job title and employer?

  4. Describe how you currently interact with the ARIN community.

  5. Why are you applying for this Fellowship Program? How do you think participating will benefit your career within the Internet community?

  6. If selected, how do you intend to share or apply what you learned about ARIN with others/your organization?

  7. This program has a strong emphasis on mentorship with a seasoned member of the ARIN community. Explain what you hope to gain from the mentorship experience.

  8. What do you hope to learn throughout the fellowship program that will help you participate in the virtual ARIN 48 Public Policy Meeting? (19 and 20 October)

  9. Any additional comments for the Selection Committee to consider?