Frequently Asked Questions About the ARIN Fellowship Program

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The application period for the ARIN 50 Fellowship Program is open now until 17 August 2022.

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What are the session dates for the ARIN 50 Virtual Fellowship Program?

For ARIN 50, the Virtual Fellowship sessions are:

Session 1
Tuesday, 27 September - 2:00 PM ET
Introduction to ARIN and the Policy Development Process

Session 2
Tuesday, 5 October - 2:00 PM ET
Policies on the ARIN 50 docket; learning about ARIN programs and services

Session 3
Tuesday, 11 October - 2:00 PM ET
ARIN 50 Meeting Orientation

20-21 October 2022

Session 4
Tuesday, 25 October - 2:00 PM ET
Introduction to Internet governance; how to stay connected to the ARIN community.

Each session runs up to 90 minutes except for the Public Policy and Members Meeting, which is an all-day event.

Do I need to attend every session?

Yes. Your attendance is expected at every session.

What application platform is used?

We use SurveyMonkey Apply for the application process. You will create an account, answer the application questions, and if selected, will use that portal to complete a pre-Fellowship survey and questionnaire, and a post-Fellowship survey and summary.

Do I need to live in the ARIN region to apply?

Yes, you need to reside in the ARIN region.

Do I need to turn my Zoom camera on during the sessions?

Virtual participation means being available on video and audio with functioning equipment accordingly. Fellows who are completely engaged and available during the session will get the most out of the experience.

Who decides who my Mentor will be?

ARIN staff evaluate the selected Fellows with the Advisory Council members who have volunteered to be mentors, trying to make the best fit according to interests noted in the application.

Are the Zoom sessions recorded?

Yes, the sessions are recorded for internal use and available for selected Fellows viewing if desired.

Is there homework assigned during the program?

Fellows will receive the agenda in advance with links to review to prepare, and slide decks will be available after each session for additional review. Aside from preparing for each session with materials or links provided, there is no additional homework assigned during the Fellowship.

Will this program be beneficial for my career?

Absolutely! The ARIN Fellowship Program is ripe with opportunities to learn about Internet number resource policies and meet active members of the ARIN community. Many Fellows have made lasting friendships and networking connections with other participants and Mentors.

Has this program always been virtual?

The Virtual Fellowship Program launched in 2021. Previously, the Fellowship Program had been an in-person experience in conjunction with the biannual ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings. Virtually, the educational opportunity is greatly enhanced.