Frequently Asked Questions About the ARIN Fellowship Program

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The application period for the ARIN 51 Fellowship Program will open 5 January 2023.

What are the session dates and times for the ARIN 51 Fellowship Program?

The ARIN 51 Fellowship Program is hybrid, meaning Fellows will participate in virtual sessions before the ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting and attend ARIN 51 either virtually or in person in Tampa, Florida.

Each virtual session runs up to 90 minutes except for the ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Pre-Session Recordings
Available 23 March 2023

  • Introduction to ARIN
  • Introduction to Internet Number Resources

Session 1
Thursday, 30 March — 2:00 PM ET
Introduction to the Policy Development Process

Session 2
Thursday, 6 April - 2:00 PM ET
Policies on the ARIN 51 docket

ARIN 51 Meeting Orientation
Thursday, 13 April - 2:00 PM ET

ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting
16-19 April 2023
Held virtually or in-person in Tampa, Florida

Optional Post-ARIN 51 Review
Thursday, 27 April - 2:00 PM ET

Do I need to attend every session?

Yes. Your attendance is expected at every session, except for the last session, Thursday, 27 April, which is an optional opportunity for open-ended Q&A, wrap-up comments, etc.

What application platform is used?

We use SurveyMonkey Apply for the application process. You will create an account, answer the application questions, and if selected, will use that portal to complete a pre-Fellowship survey and questionnaire, and a post-Fellowship survey and summary.

Do I need to live in the ARIN region to apply?

Yes, you need to reside in the ARIN region.

Can I re-apply if I was a Virtual Fellow?

Yes. If you were a Virtual Fellow for ARIN 47, 48, 49 or 50 you are free to apply to this hybrid ARIN 51 Fellowship Program.

Do I need to turn my Zoom camera on during the virtual sessions?

Virtual participation means being available on video and audio with functioning equipment accordingly. Fellows who are completely engaged and available during the session will get the most out of the experience.

Who decides who my Mentor will be?

ARIN staff evaluate the selected Fellows with the Advisory Council or community members who have volunteered to be Mentors, trying to make the best fit according to interests noted in the application.

What is the Mentorship aspect like?

Mentors serve to provide advice, share their experience, and answer questions to help facilitate Fellows’ transition into the ARIN community. During the virtual sessions, each mentor and their Fellows will have breakout room discussions to deeply examine ARIN’s processes and operations and learn how to prepare for the upcoming Public Policy and Members Meeting. There will also be a one-on-one call scheduled between Mentors and Fellows during the course of the program for additional dialogue.

Are the Zoom sessions recorded?

Yes, the sessions are recorded for internal use and available for selected Fellows viewing if desired.

Is there homework assigned during the program?

Fellows will receive the agenda in advance with links to review to prepare, and slide decks will be available during each session for additional review. Aside from preparing for each session, there is no additional homework assigned during the Fellowship. However, Fellows should anticipate spending a few additional hours outside of the sessions reading materials and preparing for group discussions.

Fellows are required to complete two post-Meeting assignments within 10 days of completion – a survey and brief written summary of their program experience. Fellows who do not complete the program evaluation will be ineligible to reapply for a future Fellowship.

Will this program be beneficial for my career?

Absolutely! The ARIN Fellowship Program is ripe with opportunities to learn about Internet number resource policies and meet active members of the ARIN community. Many Fellows have made lasting friendships and networking connections with other participants and Mentors or pursued volunteer leadership roles within the organization.

What’s new about the Fellowship Program going hybrid?

The ARIN 51 Fellowship Program is hybrid, meaning Fellows will participate in virtual sessions before the ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting and attend ARIN 51 either virtually or in person in Tampa, Florida.

Regardless of how a Fellow opts to participate, they will be provided a schedule based on their participation method and are expected to attend all the events identified as mandatory. Failure to do so may result in a Fellow being ineligible to reapply for a future Fellowship. Fellows must attend all virtual sessions in order to have ARIN pay for travel and accommodations to Tampa, Florida for ARIN 51.

Does ARIN pay for travel expenses for hybrid Fellows?

Air travel will be booked and paid for by ARIN. Fellows must adhere to ARIN’s deadline for schedule confirmation and ARIN’s Travel Qualified Policy. All travel will be economy class. Please see Terms & Conditions (#5) for more information.

Fellows opting to participate in ARIN 51 in person will have the following travel allowance guidelines to offset reasonable individual expenses such as meals not covered by ARIN, reasonable ground transportation, baggage fees, and other related expenses. Stipends will be issued by check or wired in U.S. dollars in advance to each Fellow in the amount of $350.00 USD. Please see the Terms & Conditions (#7) for more information.

Will ARIN pay for hotel accommodations for hybrid Fellows?

Hotel accommodations will be arranged by ARIN in the ARIN 51 venue hotel. The cost of a standard room and applicable taxes will be billed to the ARIN Master Account. Fellows are responsible for any incidental room charges (including telephone calls, room service, Internet connectivity, etc.) and will be required to provide a credit card upon check-in. Debit cards are accepted at most hotels in lieu of a credit card; however, when using a debit card, be advised a hotel incidental authorization amount will be pulled from your account immediately and can take anywhere from five to 10 business days from checkout to go back into your account. Please see the Terms & Conditions (#5) for more information.

Do I need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend ARIN 51 in person as a hybrid Fellow?

All Fellows who opt to attend ARIN 51 in person are required to follow the current ARIN Travel Qualified Policy. Those Fellows must provide ARIN Human Resources (ARIN HR) with documentation that they are fully vaccinated per the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO) definitions. This vaccine documentation will be submitted directly to ARIN HR and will be kept as ARIN Private and Confidential information within the ARIN HR department. If preferred, Fellows can also reach out directly to ARIN HR to schedule a video call to view the required documentation. Fellows must submit this documentation prior to any flights being booked. If a Fellow chooses to not provide vaccination documentation, they will have the option to participate in ARIN 51 virtually. ARIN HR contact information will be provided at the time of the selection process. The ARIN Travel Qualified Policy is subject to change at any time.

What if I am selected as a Fellow and I do not want to share my vaccination status?

Fellows may still virtually participate in the program. The sessions are all virtual and the ARIN 51 has a robust virtual participation platform.