Corporate Documentation

Below you will find links to the documentation that describes ARIN as a nonprofit organization, how it is governed, and operates as a corporation.

Corporate Documents

ARIN’s existence as an organization is governed by certain legal corporate documents. The primary documents are provided below, and include descriptions of changes.

Annual Reports

After the end of each fiscal year, ARIN staff compiles and publishes an annual report. These reports contain information about the activities of ARIN staff, Board of Trustees, and Advisory Council. Included in the report are summations of ARIN’s public policy discussions and actions, and its activities within the global Internet community. Listed below are the reports from the most recent year back to 1999. Occasionally, the auditor’s reports on ARIN’s finances have been published separately, and so there may be additional links to these documents.

Annual Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Based on direction provided by the Board of Trustees, ARIN performs its mission according to a Strategic Plan and Budget. This Strategic Plan is an on-going process, updated annually, that in conjunction with a Board-approved annual budget, drives the creation of an internal work plan.


Legal agreements clearly outline the nature and scope of the relationships between ARIN and our members, customers, and other users of our services.