ARIN Employee Gift Policy

March 2019

Due to the nature of our work, it is imperative that ARIN employees perform their jobs in a manner that elicits and sustains ARIN’s current trust and respect from everyone in the Internet Community. Accordingly, ARIN generally prohibits employees from accepting any gifts, favors, or gratuities from individuals, consultants, or companies that do business with us. No employee shall solicit, accept, or agree to accept, anything of value under circumstances that could reasonably be expected to influence the manner in which the employee performs work or makes decisions.

Token gifts or giveaways/raffle prizes of a promotional advertisement nature (value of less than $25) such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens, calendars, and other small items may be accepted. Any items with a value more than or in excess of $25 should be declined. On occasion, it is permissible for employees to give or receive a meal or entertainment of modest value (definition of modest means that the cost of the meal or entertainment does not exceed per diem for the location), so long as a definite business purpose is being served. For example, it is permitted to give or receive such entertainment while traveling overseas in circumstances where it would be inhospitable to refuse. Employees may accept occasional lunches, dinners, or entertainment events of modest value paid for by our vendors, members or customers, but only if the vendor, member, or customer attends the event, and there is no extended practice of doing so without management permission.

Accepting a gift or entertainment is often a professional decision; and ARIN stresses the importance of making prudent and conservative judgement with regards to this policy. When in doubt, do not accept the gift or entertainment offer. Additionally, employees should exercise thoughtful diligence with the ARIN community and specifically ARIN members. This is intended to avoid the perceptions of employees having a conflict of interest.

Employees who are given or offered a gift, entertainment, or preferred treatment not consistent with these guidelines should refuse to receive the gift, or seek advice concerning the matter from ARIN’s COO, Director of HR & Administration, or Associate General Counsel.