Draft Policies and Proposals

ARIN policies are created and developed in accordance with the Policy Development Process.
Draft Policies are posted to the Public Policy Mailing List for community discussion.
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Number Title Current Version Status Staff/Legal Review Community Presentation
ARIN-2019-10 Inter-RIR M&A 21 May 2019 Recommended Draft Policy 28 Aug 2019 ARIN 44
ARIN-2019-12 M&A Legal Jurisdiction Exclusion 27 Jan 2020 Recommended Draft Policy 28 Aug 2019 5 March 2020 ARIN 44
ARIN-2019-20 Harmonization of Maximum Allocation Requirements under Sections 4.1.8 (ARIN Waitlist) and 4.2.2 (Initial Allocation to ISPs) 23 Dec 2019 Recommended Draft Policy 4 Feb 2020 None
ARIN-2019-21 Reserved Pool Replenishment 17 Feb 2020 Recommended Draft Policy 7 February 2020 None
ARIN-2019-1 Clarify Section 4 IPv4 Request Requirements 25 Jan 2020 Draft Policy 16 May 2019 ARIN 43
ARIN-2020-1 Clarify Holding Period for Resources Received via 4.1.8 Waitlist 29 Mar 2020 Draft Policy None None
ARIN-2020-2 Grandfathering of Organizations Removed from Waitlist by Implementation of ARIN-2019-16 24 Mar 2020 Draft Policy None None
ARIN-2020-3 IPv6 Nano-Allocations 18 Feb 2020 Draft Policy None None
ARIN-edit-2020-1 Clarify Holdings Restriction for Section 4.1.8 Wait List Entries 24 Jan 2020 Editorial Change None None
ARIN-prop-287 Clarification of reference to 8.2 in 8.3 24 Mar 2020 Proposal None None

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