Consultations & Suggestions

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) enables communications in an organized, deliberate, and transparent manner, while providing a feedback mechanism to allow ARIN to gauge community and member opinion on specific issues. Mailing lists and archives relating to the ACSP can also be accessed.

Suggestions and consultation on ARIN services and practices are requested in accordance with the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. The consultation process is used by the ARIN Board of Trustees or the President to consult ARIN members or the broader community in the ARIN region.

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Community & Member Consultations

Active Consultations
Number Subject Date Opened Date Closing
There are no active consultations at this time.

Closed Consultations

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Active Suggestions
Number Subject Status Notes
2020.15 Make PPML Archives Searchable Open
2020.13 Improve Reverse DNS Security Open
2020.11 New REST End Point Open
2020.10 Open tickets using Reg-RWS Open
2020.9 Improvement to "View and Manage Networks" in ARIN Online Open
2020.6 Legacy Resource Statistics Open
2020.5 Service Availability Page Open
2020.2 RESTful Interface for IRR Open
2020.1 RFC8181-Compliant Publication Service for Delegated RPKI Open
2019.24 Publish Machine-readable Micro-allocation List Open
2019.21 Invoice Improvement Open
2019.20 Download All ROAs for an OrgID Open
2019.14 Implement FIDO2 (WebAuthn) for ARIN Online Open
2019.1 Add Ability to Delete ROAs using API Open
2018.22 Align ARIN password policy with current NIST SP800-63 recommendations Open
2018.19 ARIN Online Improvements for Display of POCs and OrgIDs Open
2018.18 Make Whowas Reports Viewable in ARIN Online Open
2018.17 Exempt ROA from Ticketing System Open
2018.13 RPKI-Based BGP Origin Validation Open
2018.11 Prohibit Attachments on PPML Open
2018.10 Associate Ask ARIN tickets with OrgID Open
2018.9 Allow User Default Settings in ARIN Online Open
2018.8 Improve List Display in ARIN Online Open
2018.7 Improve POC Validation Functionality Open
2018.4 Mass Delete of Managed Reassignments Within ARIN Online Open
2018.3 Automatically Redirect Whois Queries to Secure URL Open
2018.2 Improvements to Whois Inaccuracy Reporting Open
2017.28 Improvements to POC Searches Within ARIN Online Open
2017.23 Changes To RegRWS Access With API Key Authentication Open
2017.21 Display Account Type of Org IDs Open
2017.16 Allow registered brokers to be added to transfer tickets Open
2017.13 Sorting of Allocations / Assignments by org-id in ARIN Online Open
2017.9 Changes to IP Address Widget Open
2017.3 Allow Multiple Primary Billing Contacts Open
2017.1 Two-factor functionality improvement Open
2016.12 Interactive Fee Calculator Open
2016.11 Improvements to RESTful Web Services Open
2016.08 List All Related Unvalidated POCs Open
2016.06 Add PO Field to Invoices in ARIN Online Open
2015.20 Marking ARIN Online Messages as Read Open
2015.18 Sort Order For Utilization reports from RESTful Whois Open
2015.15 Improvements to SSL Security for Open Work pending Vendor updates
2013.28 POC Validation Message Removal Upon Validation Open
2013.16 Association of Multiple Networks With A Customer Open
2013.2 Enable Use of Extended Characters in Records On hold This suggestion is dependent on IETF’s standardization of I8N within the WEIRDS WG and some specification that allows for backwards compatibility (if required for Whois).
2012.20 Remove result limit for Whois-RWS child network queries Open
2012.5 Bulk Billing Management Open
2011.17 Define access restrictions for APIs Open
2008.14 Construct Validated IRR Data On hold

Closed Suggestions

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