ACSP Suggestion 2018.4: Mass Delete of Managed Reassignments Within ARIN Online


Author: Anthony Delacruz   
Submitted On: 28 March 2018

Description: Feature in webportal to do mass deletes on a network range. Say I have a parent big block lets call it a /13. Within that there is a contiguous /19 worth that has 80-100 of reassignments all to different entities, all of which I know are old, unused, and wrong. Rather than having to delete every single one by one could we have an option in the webportal to match on range and after say a 2 or 3 safety clicks are you really sure you want to nuke everything in this confirm blow it away.

Value to Community: I’ve spent the last day clearing out old entries on a /19 worth to repurpose using the search and delete on numerous /29’s thru /24’s that are all within a contiguous block but I don’t want to use the option to clear out the entire parent which has other valid entries. There must be others that don’t follow-up on cleanup because of the hassle in getting it done. This could make it easier to clean out large sections of stale whois.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 02 May 2018

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ARIN Comment

02 May 2018

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2018.4 upon confirmed receipt, requesting ARIN make it possible to mass delete managed reassignments within ARIN Online.

We have reviewed your suggestion and note that it is possible to create the functionality you are requesting and believe the new feature would enhance effective management of reassignments within ARIN Online.

Our development schedule for the 2018 year is currently filled by previously-submitted community suggestions and other system improvements. We are currently reviewing our schedule for changes and new additions through a comprehensive ACSP consultation to determine the suggestion subject areas of highest interest to the community. Following that consultation, we will consider if scheduling for this suggestion may be moved up for 2018 or considered for 2019.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. Your suggestion will remain open until implemented.