Spam & Network Abuse Reporting

ARIN often receives inquiries from individuals and organizations who believe ARIN has some enforcement authority over the use of IP address space by other organizations. ARIN simply manages the assignment and allocation of Internet number resources. We do not control or operate the networks that have been allocated these resources.

If you feel that an organization that has been allocated space by ARIN is promoting spam or network abuse, visit Spam & Network Abuse Reporting to find more information and discover steps you can take to protect yourself.

Registry Data Description

This Registry Data Description document describes what data ARIN collects, who it collects it from, and how it manages that data. All operational data that ARIN collects is to either fulfill requirements to provide services or to meet legal requirements necessary to carry out its mission in a responsible fashion.

Data Accuracy

Learn why ARIN requires Point of Contact (POC) records, how to keep your POCs current, and why this is necessary for the health of the registry and the security of your resources. Visit the Data Accuracy page for more information about your responsibilities and how to validate your POC information.

Security at ARIN

ARIN relies on a number of methods to secure customer interactions and protect your data. Learn more about the ways we are working to protect your interactions with ARIN.