Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT&E)

OT&E is an environment containing a copy of production-like data, refreshed monthly, that allows developers to experiment with ARIN interactions without affecting production data. Visit Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT&E) for more information.

CIDR Calculator

The CIDR Calculator allows you to convert an IP address range to CIDR notation or convert CIDR (start IP and prefix length) to an IP address range.

Community Software Repository

As a service to the community, ARIN furnishes a software repository for tools that are related to ARIN’s mission. These tools are furnished “as is” and maintained by members in the community.

Internet Number Resource Fraud Reporting

This fraud reporting process is to be used to notify ARIN of suspected Internet number resource fraud including the submission of falsified utilization or organization information, unauthorized changes to records within ARIN’s database, hijacking of number resources in ARIN’s database, or fraudulent transfers.