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ARIN’s Region

ARIN’s service area includes all of the countries or geographical areas in the list below. The links on the right provide a list of the countries or geographical areas within each Regional Internet Registry’s region, and a map is available below showing all regions.

Complete List of Countries or Geographical Areas in the ARIN Region

Countries and Geographical Areas in the ARIN Region
Country / Geographical Area A 2 A 3
Anguilla AI AIA
Antarctica AQ ATA
Antigua and Barbuda AG ATG
Bahamas BS BHS
Barbados BB BRB
Bermuda BM BMU
Bouvet Island BV BVT
Canada CA CAN
Cayman Islands KY CYM
Dominica DM DMA
Grenada GD GRD
Guadeloupe GP GLP
Heard and McDonald Islands HM HMD
Jamaica JM JAM
Martinique MQ MTQ
Montserrat MS MSR
Puerto Rico PR PRI
Saint Barthelemy BL BLM
Saint Helena SH SHN
Saint Kitts and Nevis KN KNA
Saint Lucia LC LCA
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM SPM
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines VC VCT
Saint Martin MF MAF
Turks and Caicos Islands TC TCA
United States US USA
United States Minor Outlying Islands UM UMI
Virgin Islands (British) VG VGB
Virgin Islands (U.S.) VI VIR

Regional Internet Registry Regions

Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are nonprofit corporations that administer and issue Internet Protocol (IP) address space and Autonomous System (AS) numbers within a defined region. RIRs also work together on joint projects.

RIR Regions