ARIN Community Satisfaction Surveys

We Want Your Feedback

ARIN’s goal is to provide the best Internet number registry experience possible. To help better understand the needs of our customers and gauge our success, ARIN periodically conducts surveys for our community and customers.

We use these survey results, along with customer feedback from our Registration Services transaction surveys, the feedback button on the ARIN website, the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process, and other comment mechanisms to continue improving our services. These surveys are conducted in partnership with Rockbridge Associates, a marketing research firm.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Survey objectives include:

  • Determine members’ expectations and needs from ARIN
  • Assess current satisfaction with ARIN’s services and operations
  • Determine any unmet needs members have
  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Assess current perceptions of the organization within the Internet community
  • Identify opportunities to better engage the Internet community in terms of outreach, education and fostering participation
  • Understand how ARIN’s current performance compares to that indicated by previous surveys

You will find that many questions on our survey mirror those from previous years to allow for effective survey results benchmarking. Final results from our customer satisfaction surveys are published to the ARIN website for full transparency.

Results from Previous Customer Satisfaction Surveys

ARIN Prioritization Surveys

ARIN encourages community input on future upgrades and services. Information gleaned from our Prioritization Surveys helps ARIN determine our strategic plan each year.

Results from Previous Prioritization Surveys