2022 Prioritization Survey Results

The results of the Prioritization Survey requesting feedback from our General Members on their sentiment regarding potential improvements to ARIN services was provided to the Financial Committee of the Board of Trustees for its consideration in reviewing the planned budget for 2023. We are now reporting back to the community on the outcome of this survey.

The survey was divided into nine broad categories, with 21 specific topics called out individually. Improvements were ranked individually to determine the importance of each rather than ranking them against each other. Participants rated each topic on the following scale: 

  • Extremely important (5) 
  • Very important (3) 
  • Somewhat important (2) 
  • Not so important (1) 
  • Not at all important (0) 

These rankings were assigned the numerical value shown above, and an overall ranking was established by calculating a score based on the individual importance of each topic as ranked by participants. This allowed us to calculate an overall score for each project area to identify overall sentiment on the importance of each of the categories.

2022 Prioritization Survey Results
Topic Total Score
Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) 96
Internet Routing Registry (IRR) 84
RPKI/IRR Integrations 84
Reducing technical debt for ARIN’s services infrastructure 84
Improvements to allow continuous software deployment  77
Enforce Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on ARIN customer accounts    77
Whois/RDAP/Reg RWS parity  73
Improve customer service tools for ARIN staff  71
Develop additional training and knowledge self-service tools for ARIN customers    71
Define access restrictions for APIs  67
Show RSA/LRSA status in Whois/RDAP/Reg RWS  62
Template parity with ARIN Online  62
RFC 8181 Full Support - ARIN Publication Service for Delegated RPKI Customers  61
Add URL for Abuse contact to Whois/RDAP/Reg RWS    61
Improve customer communication tools in ARIN Online and email service    61
SOC 2 for various ARIN services  60
Improve billing account reporting  51
Update Mailing list functionality (threaded discussions, up/down voting)    49
Reassignment Report enhancements  45
Announcements and web content (multi-lingual)    44
Policy Development Process and Number Resource Policy Manual (multi-lingual versions)   41