Organization Structure & Staff

ARIN Organization Chart

ARIN is structured to operate as a service organization that is responsive to the needs of the public it serves. It is organized and driven by the users in the community and is thus able to keep in step with their requirements.

ARIN Community and Membership

Anyone with an interest in Internet number resource management in the ARIN region can be part of the ARIN community. In addition, the ARIN community specifically includes:

You do not need to be an ARIN Member to apply for resources from ARIN or to participate in ARIN’s Policy Development Process. However, to become a member, you must first hold Internet number resources from ARIN. For a complete explanation of membership, visit the Membership page.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, elected by the ARIN membership, establishes and maintains authority over ARIN’s scope, mission, and strategic and fiscal direction. The Board also oversees committee nominations, appointments, elections, and votes on community-developed draft policies in accordance with the Policy Development Process. For the current members of the Board, links to meeting minutes, and other information, visit the Board of Trustees page.

Advisory Council

Elected by the ARIN membership, the Advisory Council (AC) advises the Board of Trustees on Internet number resource policy and related matters and forwards Recommended Draft Policies to the Board for ratification, in adherence with the Policy Development Process. Additional information can be found on the Advisory Council page.

President & CEO

John Curran

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The Board of Trustees selects the President and directly determines compensation. The President:

  • Acts as Chief Executive Officer
  • Appoints and supervises all ARIN operational staff
  • Serves on the Board of Trustees
  • Acts in an advisory capacity to all other officers and trustees
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of the Advisory Council
  • Acts as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council

Senior Leadership

Chief Customer Officer

John Sweeting

The Chief Customer Officer oversees ARIN elections, the Policy Development Process, and all aspects of customer excellence across ARIN’s service departments. The Chief Customer Officer also develops and maintains key client relationships with appropriate senior-level points of contact with ARIN customers and key Internet number resource stakeholders. The Communications, Customer Experience and Strategy, and Registration Services Departments report to the Chief Customer Officer.

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Kirk

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the integrity and reliability of all ARIN financial operations. This includes the leadership and coordination of the planning, accounting, auditing, and budgeting efforts for ARIN. In addition, the Chief Financial Officer monitors and reports on the overall fiduciary condition of the company and is accountable for ensuring timely financial statements and budgets for senior management, the Board of Trustees, and the membership.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Erin Alligood

The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for providing leadership in developing and executing human resources strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation. The Chief Human Resources Officer provides overall direction for all activities related to administration, personnel, facility management, internal company policies, and security. This role also ensures that ARIN’s employee practices are in compliance with the law and meet the highest possible standards.

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Jimmerson

The Chief Operating Officer oversees and maintains the day-to-day internal operations of ARIN and facilitates coordination between all departments, working closely with each department director. Additionally, the Chief Operating Officer coordinates and oversees interdepartmental projects, is responsible for execution of ARIN’s internal program management, is primary liaison to ARIN legal counsel, and serves as chief of staff.

General Counsel

Michael Abejuela

ARIN’s General Counsel oversees and monitors legal issues that may arise and works with other members of the ARIN executive team on such issues. Additionally, the General Counsel interacts with community members and coordinates with various departments within ARIN on responses to requests from members of the ARIN community as needed. The General Counsel oversees the ARIN in-house Legal and Government Affairs Departments and manages outside counsel.

Chief Information Security Officer

Christian Johnson

The Chief Information Security Officer provides the overall definition, guidance, and direction of information security strategies to support ARIN’s corporate objectives and protect the company’s assets. This role partners closely with the Chief Technology Officer and other executive staff to develop the overall information security program approach in a rapidly-changing environment.

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Kosters

The Chief Technology Officer is responsible for the overall planning, budgeting, organizing, and execution of all Engineering functions at ARIN. This role directs the design, development and maintenance of systems, programs and systems software to meet community and company user needs. The Chief Technology Officer is responsible for driving the technical direction of projects supporting the ARIN community.

Director of Communications

Hollis Kara

The Director of Communications is responsible for overseeing the work of the Communications Department at ARIN. The Director oversees creating and distributing information about ARIN’s services and programs, as well as managing the production of training and events. The Director also serves as the main point of contact for all ARIN communications and is responsible for developing and executing the communication strategy, managing content and messaging across all platforms and publications.

Director of Customer Experience and Strategy

Joe Westover

The Director of Customer Experience and Strategy is responsible for managing customer relations and business functions at ARIN. The Director shapes the customer service strategy and ensures the delivery of ARIN’s services to customers meets their needs and preferences. The Director also oversees outreach events and manages interactions with external organizations, ensuring customer satisfaction with ARIN’s services and products. The goal of this role is to align the company’s strategies with customer needs.

Director of Registration Services

Lisa Liedel

The Director of Registration Services is responsible for the overall development, direction and operation of the Registration Services Department, which performs ARIN’s core function as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) of overseeing the allocation and registration of Internet Number Resources. The Director of Registration Services works closely with the Chief Customer Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and President and CEO, serving as the focal point for coordinating, implementing and communicating ARIN’s regional policies, as well as global policies, for number resource distribution.

Vice President of Government Affairs

Einar Bohlin

The Vice President of Government Affairs oversees and maintains relationships with governments and key intergovernmental organizations for ARIN, working closely with the President and General Counsel to accomplish the external mission, goals, and strategic plan of the company.