ACSP Suggestion 2020.18: Maintain a List of Cybercrime Law Enforcement Offices in ARIN Region


Author: Anonymous   
Submitted On: 02 December 2020

Description: ARIN’s service region contains over two dozen countries and territories. It can be a challenge for ordinary people and even law enforcement personnel without specialist training to know who to contact when reporting or investigating a crime originating in a different jurisdiction. ARIN should maintain a list of the designated cybercrime offices for each of the countries and/or territories in its service region and place a prominent link to that information alongside responses to queries about Internet Number Resources made through its website.

Value to Community: Help ordinary Internet users report crimes committed over the Internet to the most relevant law enforcement agency. Help law enforcement officers identify their jurisdiction’s central coordinating body or find the contact details for partner organizations in other jurisdictions to smooth coordination of law enforcement work.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 04 December 2020

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

4 December 2020

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2020.18 upon response, suggesting that ARIN maintain a list of law enforcement offices in our region that handle cybercrime reports and investigations. ARIN is discussing your suggestion both internally and with our colleagues in law enforcement to determine our next steps.

Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. This suggestion will remain open while ARIN performs additional research and determines a course of action.