ACSP Suggestion 2016.11: Improvements to RESTful Web Services


Author: Adam Brenner   
Submitted On: 18 June 2016



I am starting to use the rest service provided by ARIN to managed SWIP records (reassignments) and I have noticed a shortcoming by the rest service offered by ARIN. I have a suggestion that I would like to make and I hope this is the correct forum to do that in. If not, please let me know what is.

For all available reset methods[1] I have noticed that I am unable to view “ALL” records. For example: I can issue

GET /rest/customer/CUSTOMERHANDLE?apikey=

which will return the information about that customer handle, but I am unable to issue:

GET /rest/customer/?apikey=

which should return a list of all customers along with their handle that the apikey has access to.

The same “Get ALL records” suggestion should be applied to other methods NETs, POCs, Orgs, etc. It appears the only method that offers this are tickets (GET /rest/tickets/)

On a side note: I am surprised that no rest or reports via ARIN online interface allows me to see what customer handles I have created. This will allow ARIN members to clean up and delete records that are no longer associated with reassignments.

The current report offered by /rest/report/reassignment/NETHANDLE?apikey= does not list the customer handle – no way to delete those records.


Thanks, -Adam

Value to Community: Improved Rest Service Ability to Join Records (ORGs, Nets, Customers, POC) much easier at the Rest Service Layer rather than application/end user.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Open   Updated: 10 April 2018

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

21 June 2016

Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2016.11 upon confirmed receipt, requesting improvements to our RESTful Web Services. We agree that you should be able to see all the records you have access to for your customers via your API key, and we are adding this to our list of future enhancements found on the list of outstanding projects awaiting prioritization:

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. Your suggestion will remain open until implemented.

ARIN Comment

10 April 2018

This suggestion is not on the 2018 Work Plan and will be considered as part of the Community Consultation on Open ACSPs in April 2018. This consultation will serve as one of the inputs to help determine which suggestions will be included ARIN’s 2019 Work Plan.