Policy Proposal Template

A standalone text format version of this is available.


  1. Policy Proposal Name:
  2. Proposal Originator
  3. name:
  4. email:
  5. telephone:
  6. organization:
  7. Date:
  8. Problem Statement:
  9. Policy statement:
  11. Timetable for implementation:
  12. Anything else


Template Instructions

Policy Proposal Name - Provide a name that can be used to identify the policy proposal.

Proposal Originator - Fill in point of contact information including name, email address, phone number and organization.

Date : Enter the date.

Problem Statement – Provide a concise description of the issues that need to be addressed. What is the problem with current number policy? Who has the problem? When and where is it a problem?

Policy Statement - Make a clear and concise policy statement that is unambiguous and actionable. The policy text written here would ideally fit into the Number Resource Policy Manual.

Comments: - Consider include the following:

  • When do you want the policy implemented? As soon as possible? Is there a trigger?
  • Anything else that supports your proposal including examples, additional rationale, links to background information, etc.

Mailing Instructions

Send the proposal to policy@arin.net.

Next Step

Your proposal will be handled according to the ARIN Policy Development Process. For more information see:

ARIN will forward the proposal to the ARIN Advisory Council (AC). The Chair of the AC will assign shepherds who will reach out to you. The shepherds will work with you to ensure the proposal is clear and in-scope in preparation for review by the entire AC.