ARIN Appeal Process Version 2.0

Version 2.0 – 10 December 2009

1. Purpose

This process allows organizations to appeal an ARIN decision regarding a number resource request. Organizations may initiate this process if they believe that ARIN staff did not follow the community-established policies and procedures for the administration and management of Internet number resources in reviewing a request for resources. As provided for in the ARIN Bylaws, Article II, this process will be published and made readily available via the ARIN website.

2. Description

An appeal can be initiated by the registered Administrative Point of Contact (Admin POC) for an Organization that has established an Organization Identifier (Org ID) with ARIN only after the request for review has been escalated through the Registration Services Department, the RSD Director, and the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The Appeal process applies to both first-time and returning applicants for Internet number resources. All reviews and evaluations made during this process are subject to the policies and procedures that were in place when the request was denied.

3. Process Initiation

The Admin POC initiates the appeal process by sending written notice requesting appeal of a particular resource request decision to ARIN’s President and CEO. The letter must:

  • include the ARIN request ticket number that was established at the beginning of the Internet number resource request process;
  • be sent by the registered Administrative Point of Contact within 30 business days of the organization having received, at the end of the initial escalation process, the email providing notification of the denial of the request.

4. Appeal Process

The Appeal Process will follow the arbitration provisions in the ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA), including but not limited to the “Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Venue” paragraphs of the RSA.

ARIN reserves the right to modify, suspend, or remove this process at any time for any reason.

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