ARIN Meeting Fellowship Terms and Conditions

Transportation and Lodging

  1. Air travel can be booked by a Fellow, or by ARIN through its travel service provider. Fellows must adhere to ARIN’s deadline for schedule confirmation to take advantage of reduced rate advance booking. All travel will be economy class. Acquisition of travel insurance is optional, and insurance fees are the sole responsibility of the Fellow. If you elect to purchase your own airfare than you will work with ARIN to determine a pre-approved purchase amount that ARIN will reimburse you up to. ARIN will only reimburse for airfare. You should not purchase airfare without obtaining a pre-approved purchase amount from ARIN. If your purchase exceeds the pre-approved purchase amount for your airfare, you acknowledge and agree to that you are financially responsible for paying the difference. ARIN will not reimburse you for an amount higher than the pre-approved purchase amount, no exceptions. Furthermore, ARIN will not reimburse for pre-purchased food and/or beverage coupons, pre-paid airport baggage fees, airport lounge accommodations, ticket updates and/or accommodations, or other travel amenities. ARIN will reimburse a seat assignment fee for any Fellow traveling on Air Canada.

  2. ARIN will not purchase any travel tickets for a Fellow traveling internationally until all necessary travel documents, including passport or visas, are in the Fellow’s possession and ARIN has received PDF copies of these documents. If a Fellow is unable to obtain all necessary travel documents 30 to 31 days prior to departure then the Fellow will be required to forfeit their ARIN Fellowship. Airfare must be purchased a maximum of 30 to 31 days prior to the first day of the meeting, no exceptions.

  3. Hotel accommodations will be made by ARIN in the meeting venue hotel. The cost of a standard room and applicable taxes will be billed to the ARIN Master Account. Fellows are responsible for any incidental room charges (including telephone calls, room service, Internet connectivity, etc.) and will be required to provide a credit card upon check in. Debit cards will be accepted at most hotels in lieu of a credit card. However, when using a debit card, be advised a hotel incidental authorization amount will be pulled out of your account immediately and can take anywhere from five to ten business days from check-out to go back in to your account. For questions or concerns, please email

Inclement Weather and Flight Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, ARIN cannot be held accountable for flight delays and/or cancellations. In the event an airline will not work with a Fellow to rebook a delayed or cancelled flight and/or help to arrange for needed hotel accommodations then the Fellow should contact ARIN staff member Sarah Ba immediately for assistance. ARIN will work with the Fellow to make every attempt to arrange for necessary flight and/or hotel accommodations. Furthermore, ARIN cannot be held accountable for a flight that have been cancelled due to mechanical and/or for other foreseen issues. In these events, the Fellow should work directly with the airline for new flight and/or hotel accommodations.


A stipend for the meeting will be provided to offset reasonable individual expenses (such as meals not covered by ARIN, ground transport, baggage fees, related expenses, etc.). Please be aware that stipends are based on meeting attendance and travel dates. Stipends will be issued by check or wired in US dollars in advance to each Fellow. The amount may vary based on meeting location and travel dates. Please be aware that ARIN is charged for each wire transfer it attempts. Therefore, for a Fellow that requires a stipend to be wired, ARIN will make ONE attempt to wire a Fellow’s stipend. A Fellow requiring a wire must re-verify with their bank the Beneficiary Account and Bank Information requested before submitting the Fellow Stipend form. If a wire is rejected than ARIN will work with the Fellow to make alternative arrangements, but cannot guarantee their stipend will arrive before their departure.

Please note, a Fellow may incur and be responsible for minimal expenses other than what may be covered by a stipend. ARIN does not claim to take responsibility for covering all expenses related to travel and attendance.

Required Travel Documents and Health Regulations

ARIN is not responsible for obtaining passports or visas for Fellows and is not responsible for any costs incurred by Fellows by applying for and obtaining a passport or visas. Upon request, ARIN will provide a form invitation letter in order to fulfill Visa requirements.

In cases of international travel, a Fellow acknowledges they are responsible for checking all requirements set-forth by a destination country to ensure they’re in compliance with that country’s requirements before planning travel with ARIN. Note that a country may require a traveler to have at least six-months remaining on their travel document(s) before it expires at the conclusion of the planned travel.

ARIN is not responsible for providing health regulations for any Fellow traveling, especially Fellows traveling internationally, however, ARIN advises that Fellows be aware of a country’s Health Regulations, including vaccinations recommended or required by a country prior to traveling to there.

Personal Safety and Health

ARIN is not responsible for the personal health, safety, or belongings of the Fellow.


In the event a selected Fellow cannot attend the ARIN Meeting due to unforeseen, emergency circumstances, they may submit a written deferment request. ARIN will evaluate the request and may elect to resubmit the Fellowship application for consideration by the Fellowship Selection Committee for the next ARIN meeting.

Program Evaluation

Fellows are required to complete a post-meeting program evaluation. A link to the survey will be provided and Fellows agree to respond within the stated deadline of ten business days. Fellows who do not complete the program evaluation will be ineligible to reapply for a future fellowship.


Fellows are expected to participate in pre-meeting webinars prior to and following the ARIN Meeting. Fellows may also be required to participate in a pre-meeting conference call to review pre- and post-meeting participation and expectations.

Fellows are expected to attend and participate in all public functions during the ARIN Meeting. This includes but is not limited to, any onsite Fellow meetings, the ARIN Fellow Meet and Greet, the ARIN Newcomer Orientation, Policy Development Discussion Tutorial, ARIN Social, Public Policy Meetings, and Members Meeting.

If a Fellow is unable to attend any portion of the ARIN Meeting or events, including the onsite Fellow gathering, the ARIN Fellow Meet and Greet, Newcomer Orientation, Policy Development Discussion Tutorial, Happy Hour, or ARIN Social, if electing to attend, please notify ARIN’s Community Engagement Specialist and Communications Director immediately via email at Failure to do so may result in a Fellow being ineligible to reapply for a future fellowship.

Mentor Program

Fellows agree to participate in the Mentor’s program. Each fellow will be assigned a Mentor from the ARIN Advisory Council or a seasoned community member. The Advisory Council or community member will initiate contact prior to the meeting and provide contact and assistance to the Fellow onsite throughout the meeting. Details of this program can be found on the Mentor Program Guide.


ARIN requires a recent photo for use in meeting introductory slides. Fellows agree to have their name, affiliation, and place of origin announced on the ARIN website and e- mail list announcements. A fellow who prefers that their name and photo to not be used for publicity purposes must notify ARIN in writing of their request by emailing as soon as possible.

Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions

Please note that if a Fellow fails to comply with any one of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of the ARIN Fellowship Program, ARIN reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action.