Book ARIN's Help Desk

Book ARIN’s Help Desk for Your Next Event

Did you know you can host an ARIN help desk at your next event? An ARIN help desk is an exclusive value-added resource for your meeting attendees, providing personalized on-site assistance related to acquiring Internet number resources, important technical information about IPv6 deployment, routing security, and a dedicated staff resource for follow-up. Individual one-on-one assistance is available for any interaction that your attendees may require with ARIN.

By having an ARIN help desk at your next meeting:

  • You can serve your meeting attendees by providing them important information that they should know, such as how to request and deploy IPv6, how to set up routing security for their network, how to participate in the IPv4 address space transfer market, or how to obtain Internet number resources (ASNs, IPv4, IPv6).
  • Attendees will be able to learn about ARIN policies they may not be aware of, that could result in them saving money and time.
  • Attendees will be able to directly interact with ARIN Registration Services personnel and establish relationships that enable them to expedite and ease their interactions with ARIN. Having an “insider” they can speak with in person and follow up with is invaluable in taking actions like updating old data, getting resources, and completing a transfer.
  • Attendees that are interested in obtaining IPv4 addresses via the transfer market can make sure transactions are successfully completed in a timely fashion given the costs often involved.
  • We will feature your event where we have a help desk in a variety of ARIN communications, including on social media, ARIN’s event calendar, ARIN Bits, and possibly in a blog post.
  • We can also provide an expert speaker on a variety of topics at your event and help provide content for your publications as desired.

Booking a Help Desk

An ARIN help desk adds value for your event participants.

Customers regularly report that our Customer Service Resource Analysts are polite, professional, efficient, and thorough. Not many organizations can boast a 99% customer satisfaction rating for help desk interactions, but ARIN can. Bring our outstanding customer support service direct to your event attendees by arranging for an ARIN help desk at your next event. Please reach out to to learn more.

Help Desk Fee


The costs of a help desk include staffing, travel-related expenses, and the materials we bring to assist your attendees. If you are a non-profit or Network Operator Group (NOG), we are willing to consider providing this service as an in-kind donation.