ARIN Bits: June 2024

ARIN Bits: June 2024

Ah, summer. The season of fun, sun, and … keeping up the hard work of a Regional Internet Registry! A busy first quarter led us into an April, May, and June that have been just as action-packed. In this edition of Bits we share important updates from this past quarter and details about upcoming items, including: the 2024 ARIN Elections cycle, process and procedure updates, community participation and funding opportunities, industry events on our calendar, and much more. Read on to learn about all the goings-on at ARIN and in our community.

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ARIN Elections: Nominations open 10-24 June

Submit Your Self-Nomination for the 2024 ARIN Elections

If you’re interested in playing a pivotal role within the ARIN community and helping guide Internet governance and policy development in our region, now is the time to take the next step. ARIN is currently accepting nominations to fill three seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees, five seats on the ARIN Advisory Council (AC), and one seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC). Candidates elected to full terms will serve three-year terms beginning 1 January 2025, and incumbents may be reelected for consecutive terms.

Any individual may submit a self-nomination — association with a General Member organization is not required. Read the Call for Nominations announcement for more information, to access the nomination applications, and to view requirements, expected qualifications, and responsibilities for these elected positions.

The call for nominations for the Board, AC, and NRO NC opened Monday, 10 June, and will close Monday, 24 June. Submit yours today!

Watch the Leadership Development Series

If you’re looking to take on a leadership role in the ARIN community — or just get a better understanding of how you can participate without running for office — our on-demand Leadership Development Series makes it easy and convenient to learn about the process. These two short instructional videos on governance and policy explain how ARIN fits into the larger Internet governance community, our election cycle, the composition and responsibilities of the ARIN Board and AC, and how you can get involved.

A Reminder About Voting

Voting in ARIN Elections is open to the Voting Contacts of General Members in Good Standing in place 45 days before the elections. If you want to vote this fall, please be sure to update your organization’s Voting Contact information by Thursday, 17 October. If your organization is currently a Service Member but would like to participate in ARIN Elections, please log in to your ARIN Online account and submit your request to be a General Member before the deadline to establish voter eligibility on Monday, 9 September.

Stay Up-to-Date on ARIN Elections

Are you on the General Members Mailing List? Join now to take part in important conversations on topics related to the governance of ARIN, including discussions about the 2024 election cycle now underway. Subscription to this list is limited to General Members, Trustees, and key ARIN staff. Learn more and subscribe with an email address associated with an ARIN General Member organization by visiting our Mailing Lists webpage.

There’s Still Time to Apply for a 2024 ARIN Community Grant

If you have a project that needs funding, is noncommercial in nature, and benefits the Internet community within the ARIN service region, it’s not too late to apply to the 2024 ARIN Community Grant Program. The application deadline has been extended to Sunday, 23 June, so send your application in today!

If you’re not familiar with ARIN’s Community Grant Program, read our recent blog post to learn more about it and get tips for a successful application.

An Update from the Financial Services Department

As of 24 May 2024, we have a new address for those paying by check via the ARIN Wells Fargo lockbox for overnight deliveries via courier. These payments must be addressed as shown below:

American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd
Lockbox Services 759477
2005 Market Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7042

Other payment options: Credit Card, eCheck, ACH, or Wire.

For more information visit our Make a Payment page.

ARIN’s Email Template Processor Has Been Retired

As first announced on 11 January 2024, on  3 June ARIN retired the email template processor used to report reassignments; ARIN no longer accepts or responds to these email templates.

We encourage users to explore ARIN’s Registration RESTful Service (Reg-RWS), which is a secure and efficient means of interacting with ARIN’s database. View our free, on-demand webinar, “Reg-RWS Basics: Automate Management of ARIN Records with API,” to get started.

Organizations that do not need to automate reallocation and/or reassignment submissions may find it convenient to use ARIN Online to report this information.

Learn more in the announcement of the retirement. If you have questions about this transition or need assistance using Reg-RWS, please contact us by submitting an Ask ARIN ticket, chatting with us using ARIN Online, or calling the Registration Services Help Desk at +1.703.227.0660 (Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-7:00 PM ET).

ARIN 53 Meeting Report

View the ARIN 53 Meeting Report

The ARIN 53 Public Policy and Members Meeting Report, including presentations, links to daily recaps on our blog, transcripts, and webcast archives, is available on our website. Thank you to everyone who participated in person or virtually at ARIN 53 and made it a success!

Registration for ARIN 54 Opens Soon

Speaking of ARIN meetings, please plan to join us for ARIN 54 taking place 24-25 October in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and online so you can continue participating in this critical part of ARIN’s Policy Development Process. Registration will open in early August; stay tuned to the ARIN Announce mailing list and our social media channels for details.

Read the 2023 ARIN Annual Report

After the end of each fiscal year, ARIN staff compiles and publishes an annual report. Last year ARIN achieved comprehensive updates on our customer-centric initiatives, enhancements to our tools and services, and significant accomplishments in information security and data protection, so take a look at the 2023 annual report to learn more about them. The report shares information about the activities of the ARIN staff, Board of Trustees, and Advisory Council, as well as ARIN’s activities within the global Internet community. You’ll find updates from our President and CEO and the Chair of ARIN’s Board of Trustees, summaries of accomplishments from ARIN’s executive team, service level reports, departmental highlights and outcomes, and much more. Thank you to everyone who supported us in reaching our organizational objectives during 2023!

The 2023 ARIN Annual Report is available for download at:

ARIN 54 Fellowship Program

Apply for the ARIN 54 Fellowship Program (Soon)

Are you interested in meeting other members of the ARIN community, getting an in-depth introduction to the ARIN organization and Policy Development Process (PDP), and preparing to actively participate in the ARIN 54 Public Policy and Members Meeting — all with the mentorship of an experienced ARIN community member? Consider applying for the next ARIN Fellowship Program! This fall’s program includes virtual sessions before and after ARIN 54 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Fellows may be selected to attend the full meeting either virtually or in person (at the discretion of the Fellowship Selection Committee).

The call for applications will open on Thursday, 27 June, and run through Wednesday, 24 July. In the meantime, check out the blog for stories from past programs and participants to get a feel for what being an ARIN Fellow is all about.

Catch ARIN on the Road in Ottawa

We’re heading across the border for ARIN on the Road’s fourth and final stop of 2024! If you’re in the Ottawa area and want to experience our amazing community in person, learn more about ARIN, and explore what we can offer your organization, then don’t miss your chance when this special event comes to town Tuesday, 24 September. ARIN staff will be on site to answer questions about IPv6 deployment and IPv4 status, discuss Resource Public Key Infrastructure and routing security, provide an intro to the Policy Development Process, and more. Need more reasons to attend? We shared five on the blog.

Stay tuned to our website for registration opening soon: ARIN on the Road.

Find ARIN at Upcoming Industry Meetings and Community Events

In addition to the ARIN events we host — like the biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings and our ARIN on the Road workshops — we attend many community events where you can join us to hear updates and presentations, ask us questions, get help with your ARIN account and resources, and more. Here’s where you can find us in the next few months:

For a full list of the events ARIN will be participating in, visit our Community Event Calendar online.

Here’s a tip from RSD

A Tip From Our Registration Services Department

Did you know that completing any type of transfer with ARIN may impact your existing Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs)?

It’s important to understand that RPKI is specific to each Organization Identifier (Org ID). Consequently, an Internet number resource covered under an RPKI Certificate and ROAs in a Source Org ID won’t automatically be covered under the Recipient Org ID at the conclusion of a transfer. Therefore, the Recipient Org ID must create their own ROAs once the transfer is completed.

To assist with this process, ARIN has published a list of suggested best practices for RPKI management. One critical best practice is to limit the number of prefixes you include in a single ROA. This is particularly important during transfers. After a transfer is concluded, any ROA associated with the transferred prefix will be removed from the RPKI repository.

So, if you were to have a ROA with 10 prefixes, then all of those prefixes share the same fate. If one of them was being transferred, then you would need to create a new ROA with the other prefixes before the transfer is completed to ensure your routing announcements aren’t impacted.

By following these best practices you can ensure a smoother transition and maintain the integrity of your RPKI and ROAs during transfers.

Learn more about RPKI at

Current Draft Policies and Proposals

Number Title Current Version Status Staff/Legal Review(s) Community Presentation
ARIN-2022-12 Direct Assignment Language Update 20 March 2024 Recommended Draft Policy 15 March 2024,
21 September 2023
ARIN 50, ARIN 51, ARIN 52, ARIN 53
ARIN-2023-5 Clean-up of NRPM Sections 4.3.4, 4.4, 4.10 and 6.10.1 22 April 2024 Last Call (until 22 May 2024) 9 October 2023 ARIN 52, ARIN 53
ARIN-2023-7 Clarification of NRPM Sections 4.5 and 6.11 Multiple Discrete Networks 19 December 2023 Draft Policy 14 February 2024 ARIN 52, ARIN 53
ARIN-2023-8 Reduce 4.1.8 Maximum Allocation 14 February 2024 Draft Policy None ARIN 53
ARIN-2024-1 Definition of Organization ID/Org ID 7 February 2024 Recommended Draft Policy 1 May 2024 ARIN 53
ARIN-2024-2 WHOIS Data Requirements Policy for Non-Personal Information 9 February 2024 Draft Policy None ARIN 53
ARIN-2024-4 Internet Exchange Point Definition 21 May 2024 Draft Policy None
ARIN-2024-5 Rewrite of NRPM Section 4.4 Micro-Allocation 23 April 2024 Draft Policy None
ARIN-2024-6 6.5.1a Definition Update 3 May 2024 Draft Policy None

Find the status of current policy discussions on our website and subscribe to the ARIN-PPML (Public Policy Mailing List) to voice your opinions. Remember, membership is not required to participate!

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