Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023

We’re kicking off the new year with a look back on the most popular content we shared in 2023 and a big thank you to all the authors who contributed their time and expertise to provide valuable information for our community.

Last year was a busy and productive one for ARIN, and the blog covered many stories and topics beyond those that made it into this top 10 list. Aside from traveling to Tampa and San Diego for our Public Policy and Members Meetings, we began requiring two-factor authentication on all ARIN Online accounts, implemented a new Policy Development Process (PDP), hosted the inaugural Caribbean Roundtable and participated in many more Caribbean development activities, conducted our fourth Customer Satisfaction Survey, launched the Qualified Facilitator Program, shared the experiences of ARIN Fellowship Program participants, encouraged organizations holding legacy resources to sign Registration Service Agreements before the legacy fee cap expired, and so much more.

That said, our most popular blog topics in 2023 were more technically focused, including: IPv6; IPv4; Tips from ARIN’s Registration Services Department; and information security. So, without further ado, here’s a look at the top 10 blog posts from last year!

10. The Business Case for IPv6 (Part 3): Crossing the IPv6 Chasm

Enterprises don’t build or sell Internet products and services, but instead use the Internet as a critical enabler. So how do we make the case for their transition to IPv6? E. Marie Brierley, an ARIN Community Grant recipient and ARIN 52 Fellow and the Founder and President of Saatvik Advisors and Founder and Director of Saatvik Research, discusses how convincing marketing teams may be the key.

9. ARIN Meets ‘SOC 2’ Industry Standard for Security Compliance

When ARIN successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Type 1 audit of its Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), Chief Information Security Officer Christian Johnson explored what that means, how and why we earned it, and the next steps in ARIN’s ongoing commitment to enhancing security. Those next steps included SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI DSS certifications, which ARIN achieved as of October 2023.

8. ARIN 51 Keynote Address Shares 25 Years of Production IPv6 Experience

At the ARIN 51 Public Policy and Members Meeting in April 2023 an IPv6 Success Stories keynote address celebrated 25 years of production IPv6 at Virginia Tech with some of the engineers who made it happen. This summary of the insightful presentation highlights the encouragement, calls to action, and tips and tricks for deploying IPv6 they shared.

7. IPv6 Success Stories Shared in ARIN 51 Panel

Also at the ARIN 51 meeting, we gathered together a panel of five community members with IPv6 deployment experience. Learn about the case studies, lessons learned, and more shared by our panelists in this summary of the informative presentations and discussion that took place.

6. Operationalizing IPv6: From Theoretical to Practical

In the second installment of our business case for IPv6 series, a leader of some of the largest global deployments of IPv6, John Brzozowski, explores IPv6’s journey from theoretical to practical and discusses how IPv6 was leveraged operationally to yield meaningful value for both business owners and customers.

5. ISPs and LIRs and End Users, Oh My!

When requesting IP addresses, your organization needs to know whether to apply as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or as an end user. Director of Registration Services Lisa Liedel explains how to determine which category your organization falls into — and why it matters — according to ARIN’s policies.

4. The Business Case for IPv6 (Part 1): Internet vs. Intranets

As network operators consider how they will deploy IPv6, they also must establish the business case for doing so. ARIN Advisory Council member and TELUS Communications Senior Engineer Matthew Wilder discusses two fundamentally different types of IPv6 deployment to begin a series exploring the many possible scenarios and motivations for organizations to invest in this transition.

3. Let’s Grow with IPv6

Ready to see what IPv6 can do for your organization? John Sweeting introduces our “Let’s Grow IPv6” outreach campaign, launched in 2023 to ramp up promotion and adoption, and discusses how IPv6 can help your organization achieve and maintain growth.

2. ARIN and IPv4 Address Leasing

Recognizing the importance of understanding how leasing fits into ARIN’s policies for the many organizations exploring the option of leasing IPv4 address blocks, ARIN Chief Customer Officer John Sweeting reviews some essential information you should know to ensure you understand the rules and risks prior to leasing.

1. Micfo’s Amir Golestan Sentenced to 5 Years in Federal Prison for Defrauding ARIN

ARIN General Counsel Michael Abejuela, former ARIN General Counsel Stephen M. Ryan, and Sam C. Neel, Partner at McDermott Will & Emery LLP, cover Micfo’s Amir Golestan’s sentencing to five years in prison, forfeiture of IP address rights, and financial penalties that came nearly two years after he was convicted of defrauding ARIN.

What’s in Store for 2024?

What was your favorite blog post published last year? What topics would you like to see covered in 2024? Let us know over on LinkedIn @ARIN or on X @TeamARIN! And, as always, we love working with guest authors to share their stories and perspectives, so please reach out to us at if you have a topic you’d like to write about. We truly are powered by your participation.

Once again, thank all who contributed to and read the ARIN Blog in 2023; we look forward to even more great content this year!

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