ARIN Leadership Development Series On-Demand Videos Now Available

ARIN Leadership Development Series On-Demand Videos Now Available

When we say that ARIN is “powered by participation,” we’re not exaggerating. You may know ARIN for our core service: the management and distribution of Internet number resources such as IPv4, IPv6, and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) within our service region. But ARIN also relies on a community-driven, open, and transparent approach to regulate how it carries out that service — and we’re always aiming to develop a strong class of future leaders from diverse backgrounds and geographic areas.

To that end, we have released two short, on-demand videos as part of our Leadership Development Series: one focused on the Board of Trustees and the governance of ARIN, and one that provides an in-depth look at the Policy Development Process and Advisory Council (AC). Now it’s easier and more convenient than ever to learn about how you can take on a leadership role in the ARIN community if you are interested in becoming part of the Board or AC — or just get a better understanding of what those bodies do and how you can participate without running for office.

Governance at ARIN

The ARIN Board of Trustees is crucial to our success in supporting the operation and growth of the Internet. If you’re wondering about the inner workings of the Board and how you can engage (and maybe someday volunteer) with this group, you’ll want to watch this video on ARIN Governance! It dives into exactly what the ARIN Board does, the responsibilities of our Trustees to ARIN and its mission, and the vital role our community plays by participating in governance.

Learn how you can engage with the Board by submitting suggestions, providing input on consultations issued to solicit feedback on processes or policies, and, most importantly, voting. Plus, find out how you can run for the ARIN Board of Trustees to help guide the strategic direction, provide fiscal oversight, and ensure healthy governance of ARIN.

Watch the Leadership Development: Governance video on our YouTube channel.

ARIN’s Policy Development Process

The creation, development, and maintenance of Internet number resource policy for the ARIN region is paramount to the future of the Internet. If you want to know how an idea from the community transitions from a proposal to a draft policy to an ARIN-implemented policy in the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) — all under the guidance of the ARIN Advisory Council (AC) — watch this video on the ARIN Policy Development Process (PDP)! It explores the importance of Internet number resource policy, the AC’s role in its development, and how it impacts the services ARIN provides to its members.

You’ll also learn how you can engage with the AC and the PDP by subscribing to and sharing thoughts on the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML), participating and voicing feedback at ARIN’s Public Policy and Members Meetings each spring and fall, submitting policy ideas as proposals to be shepherded by AC members, and, of course, voting in elections. Plus, find out how you can help oversee the future of ARIN’s policy by running for the AC. Becoming involved at ARIN and in the PDP might be easier than you imagined!

Watch the Leadership Development: Policy video on our YouTube channel.

Voting and Elections

Both of these videos in the Leadership Development Series cover the requirements and procedures for voting or running in ARIN Elections of Board and AC members. Recent changes to membership categories and elections policies have affected voting and nomination eligibility, so for quick reference, we want to share those details here as well.

All organizations that are General Members in Good Standing can vote every fall. Both Service and General membership categories are entities with a valid ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA or LRSA) for IP address space, but General members must express a commitment to participating in ARIN elections and maintain Good Standing to cast a ballot.

Not sure of your organization’s member status? You can check it in your ARIN Online account. If your organization is currently a Service Member and eligible for General Membership, access the General Member request form through the “Actions” drop down menu on your organization’s information page. General Members are also encouraged to subscribe to the General Member Mailing List where they can discuss elections and other ARIN governance topics with representative of other General Member organizations.

This spring, the ARIN Board of Trustees approved changes to ARIN’s election process, including a change to the way candidates are nominated and assessed. We have a great blog post that takes a detailed look at all these changes. If you’re interested in running for election, stay tuned for this year’s call for nominations coming soon!

Contact us at with any questions about the Leadership Development Series.

Post written by:

Hollis Kara
Director of Communications, ARIN

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