RPKI Learning Just a Click Away

RPKI Learning Just a Click Away

As the importance of routing-related security increases in both scope and complexity, Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) remains a popular topic of discussion in our community and a central focus of ARIN’s service and training developments.

After releasing a publication service for delegated RPKI this spring, we hosted a webinar to provide a more in-depth look at RPKI with ARIN and the differences between the implementation options. With that training now available in our library of on-demand instructional webinars you have 24/7 access to RPKI learning — whether you’re new and looking to gain an understanding of its purpose, key components, and basic functions, or you’re ready to explore the differences between hosted and delegated RPKI and use our publication service for a hybrid approach.

Ready to learn about RPKI? Let’s look at the options and see which hour-long webinar hosted by ARIN’s Senior Product Owner of Routing Security, Brad Gorman, is right for you.

If You’re Just Getting Started

Have you been hearing about RPKI and how it can help enhance your network security, but you’re not sure what it is and what it’s all about? Our first RPKI webinar, Enhance Your Routing Security using ARIN’s Hosted RPKI, is for you. This webinar helps you gain a clearer understanding of RPKI and its purpose, identify the key components of its infrastructure, and create your first Route Origin Authorization (ROA) using ARIN’s hosted RPKI.

When asked what in this webinar they found most helpful, one attendee said, “I now understand how ROAs are used and how to actually set it up. This was incredibly helpful.”

If You’re Ready to Go Further

If the first RPKI webinar is the 101 course, then “Delegated, Hybrid, and the API – Beyond Hosted RPKI at ARIN” is 201. Do you already have a general understanding of what RPKI is and perhaps are already using it at a basic level, but you’re ready to go further? After this training, you’ll know how to use the API interface for deployments and work with our recently added publication service to run your own Certificated Authority while delegating the repository and publication services to ARIN (informally known as “Hybrid” RPKI).

The webinar includes demos of the various options to guide you through taking the next steps in routing security. As one participant shared, “The insight into the dashboard and thinking was so helpful as we plan. The live demo was very useful.”

For more information on ARIN’s publication service, read this blog post: NEW! ARIN Publication Service for Delegated RPKI.

If You Want to Explore Other Topics

Need training on another topic? We have more on-demand webinars available for you to access today! Check out offerings on IPv6 address planning, using ARIN’s IRR-online or our RESTful API for IRR, and ARIN’s Policy Development Process — all led by experts within our organization.

Find all available on-demand webinars in our Training & Education resources.

Thank you to all webinar participants who have attended live and watched on-demand; we hope you have found them valuable. If you have an idea for a topic of a future webinar, email training@arin.net to share it with us!

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Beverly Hicks
Training Development Program Specialist

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