Accelerating IPv6 Adoption in the Caribbean

Accelerating IPv6 Adoption in the Caribbean

Internet growth depends on IPv6, and the Caribbean countries and organizations within the ARIN and LACNIC regions have unique characteristics and challenges when it comes to achieving that growth. While they have already achieved a good level of IPv6 allocation and assignment penetration, new deployments are more essential than ever. IPv6 is no longer an option but a necessity. Internet users want access to the entire Internet, and this means access to both IPv4- and IPv6-enabled websites and applications.

A Unique Challenge

In the keynote address at the ARIN 53 Public Policy and Members Meeting in April 2024, Brent Mc Intosh, Chief Technology Officer of MCNET-SOLUTIONS and IPv6 expert, drew attention to the unique challenges and opportunities within the Caribbean region, shedding light on why and how it can build and sustain digital infrastructure with Internet exchange point (IXP) and IPv6 technologies to promote economic success. He emphasized that effective IPv6 deployment is not just about meeting technical requirements but also about ensuring that all stakeholders are committed to the long-term vision of a fully IPv6-enabled Internet.

Brent’s address also showcased successful IPv6 and IXP deployment case studies from the Caribbean and reinforced that strategic planning and cooperation are key to overcoming the unique hurdles in the Caribbean. View the slides from Brent’s presentation for a more detailed look at the success stories he shared and learn more about Brent’s experience in the case study “Enabling Internet Access Services Over IPv6 in the Caribbean.

Hands-On Assistance in the Caribbean

About 47 percent of global Internet traffic is over IPv6, but the average amount of IPv6 traffic in the Caribbean is significantly lower at only 18.56 percent*. As part of its commitment to supporting Internet development in the Caribbean, ARIN plays a vital role in raising that percentage by encouraging and facilitating IPv6 education and adoption in the region.

To support these goals, ARIN is prioritizing in-country activities in the Caribbean. Through a hands-on approach, we will be increasing direct support, resources, and training to stakeholders across the region. This will take several forms, including facilitating IPv6 deployment, addressing specific local challenges, and ensuring that the Caribbean can fully participate in the global Internet ecosystem.

Visit for more information on our activities in the Caribbean region.

Together, with ARIN’s support and a committed effort from local stakeholders, organizations, and governments, the Caribbean can continue to improve its IPv6 capabilities to ensure robust and future-proof Internet connectivity for all its residents.

Get Started with IPv6

Requesting an IPv6 block from ARIN is a simple process, and ARIN’s Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 4.10 provides for a dedicated block of IPv4 to facilitate IPv6 deployment.

If you’re ready to start your IPv6 journey or need support at any point along the way, you can take advantage of ARIN’s free online guide to IPv6. This resource presents practical insights, strategies, and instructions to help you understand, prepare for, request, and implement IPv6.

*Caribbean IPv6 traffic percentage is the average of the IPv6 traffic percentages for each Caribbean country. That data is the average of IPv6 traffic data from APNIC, Google, and Meta (Facebook). Depending on the measurement source, it may or may not report IPv6 traffic for a given country, so ARIN’s values are based on an average of the sources that do report. Data as of May 2024.

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