A Sneak Peek at ARIN 49

A Sneak Peek at ARIN 49

With ARIN 49 less than one week away, our preparations and anticipation are in full swing — and we want to share the excitement with you by offering a sneak peek at what’s in store. This hybrid Public Policy and Members Meeting (PPMM) taking place 24-27 April will offer both familiar standbys on the agenda along with some exciting special events and opportunities for both virtual and in-person participants. Make sure you’re registered to join us online or in Nashville, Tennessee, and read on to find out about not-to-miss events and how to participate during the meeting!

Topics on the Agenda

In addition to Department Reports and updates on the latest happenings within ARIN, including Fee Structure, Membership and service changes, you will also hear the latest news on topics ranging from brute force login attacks and routing security developments at ARIN to the status of regional policy and activities at the other RIRs. See the agenda for a complete list of speakers and topics.

The Public Policy portion of the meeting will feature discussions of seven draft policies on days one and two. To prepare for participation in these discussions so you feel ready to contribute to these critical discussions, check out our recent blog post about the Draft Policies and Recommended Draft Policies.

IPv6 Panel

IPv6 Panel Special Feature

Plan on joining us at 1:00 PM CT on day two, 26 April, for our panel addressing the question: “Why Doesn’t the Internet Migrate Entirely to IPv6?” ARIN President and CEO, John Curran, will moderate the discussion by a panel of industry all-stars, including: Vinton G. Cerf of Google; Byron Holland of CIRA; Lee Howard of IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank; Geoffrey Huston of APNIC; Jared Mauch of Akamai Technologies; and Brent McIntosh of MCNET-SOLUTIONS. They’ll offer their insight on where we are with IPv6 adoption and, most importantly, why.

Highlights for Virtual Attendees

Virtual Help Desk
If you’re attending ARIN 49 virtually, there’s no need to worry about the logistics of participating remotely. Our Virtual Help Desk will be available during the first 90 minutes of each day, at lunch breaks, and during our Virtual Happy Hour on Tuesday evening to make sure you have all the links, information and troubleshooting support you need for a successful meeting. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have and trouble hearing, seeing, accessing, or engaging with meeting activities.

Virtual Table Topics

During the lunch break on day one, 25 April, we will offer virtual attendees the chance to enjoy the same popular table topics we host in person at meetings. We will open a series of breakout meeting rooms you can join in Zoom and suggest a variety of topics to discuss with other meeting attendees. Hosted by ARIN staff, Board, or Advisory Council (AC) Members, this is a great opportunity to continue discussions of interest that came up already or jumpstart ones to come during the meeting.

Virtual Happy Hour

If you attended ARIN 48, hopefully you remember our DIY Happy Hour. We’re bringing back this virtual event for an after-hours get-together open to all meeting participants interested in joining. At the end of day two, 26 April, we’ll gather for a game hosted by ARIN User Experience Designer Jesse Helfrich followed by a live mixology demonstration by ARIN Software Engineer Adam “Squirrl” McClintock. We will then open breakout rooms that participants can move freely between to socialize with one another. Bring your favorite snack and drink to enjoy!

In-Person Events and Activities


We’re introducing a new addition to our Public Policy and Member Meeting lineup for in-person attendees! The RPKI ROAthon will kick off the ARIN 49 agenda on Sunday afternoon, 24 April. Participants will learn about the components of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and how it works and see a live demo of how to get started using ARIN’s hosted RPKI, including understanding key pairs and ROA creation. ARIN staff will be on hand to answer questions and guide attendees along the path to enhancing the routing security of their Internet number resources.


All 25 seats have all been claimed for this event, but you may still register to be placed on a waiting list in the event of cancellations. If you don’t get a spot and are looking for some great training, check out our always-available on-demand webinar: Enhance your Routing Security using ARIN’s Hosted RPKI.

Getting (Re)Acquainted

Before the PPMM gets underway, join us for Happy Hour on Sunday evening at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. Enjoy drinks and appetizers while you reconnect with friends, relax and recharge ahead of our full days of meetings and discussions.

At the end of day one, 25 April, join us for a special evening as we celebrate the story of America’s music at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. With one-of-a-kind instruments, costumes, and historical country music memorabilia, this venue is quintessential Nashville. Delicious food and libations will be served as you explore the museum with fellow ARIN 49 attendees, experience the history of country music, and immerse yourself in Music City culture.

Table Topics

Your favorite lunchtime activity is back! During lunch on day two, 26 April, we’ll set up at different tables a variety of suggested topics to discuss, defined by the AC and Board. Move between tables and topics at your leisure to connect with certain ARIN staff, Board, AC and community members or weigh in on particular issues. We encourage all in-person attendees to take advantage of this great opportunity to continue discussions of interest that came up during the meeting.

ARIN 49 Fellows

Say Hello to the ARIN 49 Fellows

As in 2021, we’re hosting the ARIN 49 Fellowship Program in a virtual format. Our ARIN 49 Fellows are taking part in four sessions held via Zoom to get immersed in the work of ARIN, get to know each other and mentors from the AC, and feel ready to participate in the PPMM. Read our introduction to the new slate of Fellows and be sure to say a virtual hello to them during the meeting!

We hope these highlights, including both familiar and new enhancements, will help you make the most of your ARIN 49 experience — whether you’re joining us virtually or in person. We look forward to seeing you at some or all of these and to your participation in the whole meeting! Visit the event website to learn more about ARIN 49 and to register.

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