ARIN 47 Day 3 Daily Recap

ARIN 47 Day 3 Daily Recap

We’ve reached the third and final day of ARIN 47! A big thank you to all who participated and helped make this another great meeting. As I previously mentioned, if you would like to reference anything you’ve seen so far from the meeting, you can visit our meeting materials page. Over the coming days, we’ll add links to the full transcript and webcasts to this page as well. It’s time to head right into day three.

Let’s Get Trendy

After a warm welcome and opening announcements from Paul Andersen, Board of Trustees Chair, we jumped into a series of updates from ARIN staff. Jennifer Bly, External Relations Manager, kicked us off with a feature on the ARIN Community Grant Program. She shared the history of this program, results from last year, and details about how you can apply for a 2021 ARIN Community Grant. The application period is now open, and the deadline to apply is 2 June 2021. Director of Communications, Hollis Kara, spoke next to share her team’s Training and Outreach efforts in 2020, and previewed what’s ahead for this year and beyond. A few things to be on the lookout for include our Strategic Partnerships Program, ARIN Optimized, the ARIN Leadership Development Program, the ARIN 48 Virtual Fellowship Program, instructional webinars, and more. She also offered congratulations to Jennifer Bly on her recent promotion to External Relations Manager and gave kudos to our newest team member, Amanda Gauldin, Community Engagement Coordinator, in all her success as she’s hit the ground running! Paul Andersen jumped in to wish congratulations to the whole team on their successful facilitation of ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings in a virtual environment this past year.

John Sweeting, Chief Customer Officer, returned for an update on Internet Number Resource Transfers. He shared statistics around the number of completed transfers, transfer processing time, number of IP addresses transferred, and much more. This led nicely into the final event before the break, an IPV4 Transfer Market Trends Panel. John Curran, ARIN President & CEO, moderated the informative panel discussion which featured:  

  • Mike Burns, President,
  • Jack Hazan, Executive Vice President, Hilco Streambank
  • Marc Lindsey, President, Avenue4 LLC
  • William Sylvester, Executive Vice President, Exchange Services, ADDREX

Questions asked included:

  • How has the transfer market changed in the last five years?
  • What are the most common misconceptions about the transfer market today?
  • What are the most important terms and conditions to focus on when negotiating agreements or contracts?
  • What is the average wait time for a buyer to go through the entire transfer process from approaching a broker to obtaining the number resource?
  • What can ARIN do (internally) to do a better job with transfer processing?
  • What can be done from a policy perspective to make transfers easier?
  • What has been done to improve the cleanliness of the blocks on the market?
  • With regard to renumbering, is the price per IP higher for a contiguous larger subnet or smaller multiple blocks?
  • Since you do contracts, how do you define an “IP address block”?
  • Is it necessarily a good thing for the community in general (not just the people who profit from it) to make transfers easier?

ARIN 47 IPv4 Transfer Market Trends Panelists

$how Me the Money

After one last stretch session during the break, we returned for three more reports. Richard Jimmerson, Chief Operating Officer, was up first to share an Operations Update. He discussed how ARIN has adjusted operations during the pandemic, shared a few organization highlights including our new Internet Routing Registry API, staff additions, the growing demand for registry services, and also previewed our plans for ARIN 48. The current plan, which is subject to change based on the COVID-19 pandemic status, is to have a mix of virtual and hybrid participation to ensure the highest levels of accessibility and participation options for our community. Nancy Carter, Board Treasurer, was up next to offer her ever popular Financial Report. She went over 2020 revenues and operating expenses and spoke to the 2021 budget. Paul Andersen closed us out for the day with his Board of Trustees Report where he discussed ARIN’s strategic direction, among other things. Paul also offered thanks to Chris Woodfield for his service to the Advisory Council (AC) and Dan Alexander for his service to the AC and the Board, as both of their tenures came to an end in 2020.

To close, we held an open mic session and heard closing announcements. If you missed anything from the first two days of ARIN 47, you can reference the day one and day two recaps on the blog. Thank you again to all who made ARIN 47 a digital success. If you were in attendance, don’t forget to complete the meeting survey so we can capture your feedback. We look forward to gathering with you in the fall for ARIN 48!

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