Draft Policy ARIN-2022-5

Clean-up of NRPM Section 2.11

Status: Under Discussion
Shepherds: Alyssa Quinn, Alison Wood

Current Text (26 July 2022)

Problem Statement:

This proposal continues the work that the ARIN AC NRPM Clean-up Working Group undertook to conduct an editorial review of the NRPM. It relates specifically to Section 2.11. The focus of this proposal is to ensure that the intended meaning of the text is clear.

Policy statement:

Change the text “A community network is deployed, operated and governed by its users” to “A community network is one that is deployed, operated and governed by its users” in the first line and change the text “to the user community it services” to “to the community it services” in the second line.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate


This proposal is intended to replace Prop-305 in part. Although the proposal was drafted in the course of an editorial review of Section 2.11, some of the changes proposed may not be considered purely editorial in nature and so this proposal is not being presented as strictly editorial.

History and Earlier Versions

Action Date
Proposal 14 June 2022
Draft Policy 26 July 2022

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