Membership Explained

As specified in ARIN’s Bylaws, there are three types of ARIN Members: Service, General and Trustee. Service and General memberships are associated with an organization, represented within ARIN by a unique Organization Identifier (Org ID). Membership rights for organizations with multiple Org IDs depend on the resources associated under each Org ID.

It is not necessary to become a member of ARIN prior to applying for additional Internet number resources, nor will doing so make it easier to obtain them. Members and non-members alike must justify number resource requests based on utilization criteria. Membership is not required to participate in ARIN’s Policy Development Process.

Not sure what type of member your organization is?
Check your membership status in your ARIN Online account. If your organization is currently eligible to request General Membership, you can access the General Member request form through the ACTIONS drop down menu.

Service Members

Service members are entities that have a valid ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA or LRSA) for IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space. Service members who meet eligibility requirements may receive General Member status upon request.

Why would my Org ID be marked ‘Membership Ineligible’ on ARIN Online?

An Org ID must have a signed RSA or LRSA covering IP addresses issued directly to it in order to be eligible for membership. Organizations interested in getting direct-issue Internet numbers under agreement can use Ask ARIN to sign an agreement.

General Members

General members are entities that have a valid ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA or LRSA) for IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space. General members also must express commitment to participating in ARIN Elections.

Only Voting Contacts of General Members in Good Standing are eligible to vote in ARIN Elections.

Trustee Members

ARIN Trustees are comprised of the individuals elected or appointed to the ARIN Board of Trustees and the President and CEO of ARIN. ARIN Trustees are members during their tenure on the Board. In addition to their individual Trustee membership, an ARIN Trustee may also be associated with a Service or General Member organization as an employee and/or voting contact.

Voting Contact

In order to cast a ballot in ARIN Elections, ARIN General Members must designate a Voting Contact. This is the only person that is eligible to vote online in ARIN Elections (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4.a.) on behalf of the organization. A Voting Contact must be linked to an ARIN Online account at the time of the voter eligibility deadline for an organization to be considered eligible to vote. Eligible General Members may update their Voting Contact after the Voting Eligibility deadline but all changes must be finalized at least seven days before the voting period begins. Please refer to the Election Calendar for the exact date and time.

Voting Contacts are not displayed or identified in Whois. The information is used exclusively for ARIN’s elections and will not be shared with anyone outside ARIN.

Although ARIN sends reminders to update Voting Contact information prior to ARIN’s annual election cycle, it is ultimately the member’s responsibility to maintain its data and ensure voter eligibility. The Admin and Tech POCs for the organization have the ultimate authority to name the Voting Contact and to update and change Voting Contact information.

To verify or update your organization’s Voting Contact information, use ARIN Online or contact

General Members in Good Standing

A General Member in Good Standing is defined as an organization (via its Org ID) that has no overdue annual service fee invoices (Bylaws, Article V, Section 1.b.) and has designated a valid voting contact.

General Members in Good Standing can take advantage of ARIN Member benefits. ARIN relies on the involvement of its members to accomplish its mission. Representatives from member organizations are encouraged to attend meetings, engage in policy and mailing list discussions, and exercise their responsibility to vote in elections.

More Information

Contact with questions about membership or general ARIN operations, or to update your Voting Contact information.