Membership FAQ

Can I join ARIN as an individual?

No. Membership is on an organization level and is reserved for organizations that hold IPv4 address space, IPv6 address space, and/or Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) from ARIN under a signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA) with ARIN.

Does my organization need to become a member to request resources from ARIN?

Your organization does not need to be an ARIN Member to apply for resources from ARIN or to participate in ARIN’s Policy Development Process. Once your organization receives resources from ARIN, you will become a Service Member.

Is my organization eligible to become an ARIN General Member?

If your organization is a Service Member, you can apply to become a General Member within ARIN Online. As part of the General Member request, you will be asked to confirm your organization’s intent to vote in ARIN Elections and acknowledge that your organization will be publicly listed on the General Member list.

Your organization must have a name that legally exists. In certain cases, organizations may need to update their organization name with ARIN before receiving membership.

My organization recently became an ARIN General Member. Are we eligible to vote?

Yes, as long as you are a General Member in Good Standing as of 45 days before the ARIN Election opens.

What is a General Member in Good Standing?

A General Member in Good Standing is defined as an entity that is current on all annual fees and has a valid Voting Contact on record.

What does “Not in Good Standing” mean?

A General Member Not in Good Standing means an organization, via its Org ID, has an overdue annual Registration Services Plan fee invoice and/or does not have a valid Voting Contact established. General Membership benefits are suspended until either the payment is received by ARIN in full for the overdue invoice or a Voting Contact is established.

General Member organizations can choose to include a link to their website on the Member List. To link your organization’s website, please submit a request using Ask ARIN in your ARIN Online account.

Where can I learn more about ARIN Membership?

Read the Membership section in the ARIN Bylaws.