Voting FAQs

Who is eligible to vote in ARIN Elections?

Each ARIN Member organization may have one designated Voting Contact to vote in Board of Trustees and Advisory Council elections on their behalf. A Voting Contact must have a valid ARIN Online account to be eligible to vote in elections. Your organization must also be a General Member in Good Standing 45 days before a ballot or election.

Will a Voting Contact without an ARIN Online account be eligible to vote in ARIN Elections?

No. To be eligible to vote, a member organization must designate a Voting Contact with a valid ARIN Online account and be a General Member in Good Standing by the voter eligibility deadline.

How can an ARIN Member organization manage its Voting Contact?

All Voting Contacts are managed in ARIN Online. A member organization’s Administrative or Tech Point of Contact (POC) now has the ability to quickly modify or appoint an existing ARIN Online user as the Voting Contact by selecting one of three simple methods via ARIN Online:

  • Appoint yourself
  • Choose from eligible associated ARIN Online user accounts
  • Appoint an ARIN Online user by email address

Important! Organizations may update their Voting Contact after the Voting Eligibility deadline but all changes must be finalized at least seven days before the voting period begins. Please refer to the Election Calendar for the exact date and time

What do I do if I forget my ARIN Online username or password?

Please see the Login page to recover your account’s username and password.

How does an organization check its Voting Contact status?

The Administrative Points of Contact (POCs), Tech POCs, and Voting Contacts of a member organization can view Voting Contact information by first logging into ARIN Online, going to the Organization Identifiers page, and selecting the appropriate Organization ID. While logged into ARIN Online, the respective POC can then update the Voting Contact on record by following the steps outlined on the Voting Contacts page. An organization’s Admin POC and Tech POC can also send an inquiry that includes the organization name and Org ID to

When do I need to establish my voter eligibility?

Voter eligibility must be established no later than 45 days before the Fall ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting. Monday, 04 September 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT is the deadline to establish eligibility to vote in the 2023 elections.

What happens if a designated Voting Contact sets up an ARIN Online account after the voter eligibility deadline? Can they still vote?

No. To be eligible to vote in ARIN Elections, a organization must have designated an eligible Voting Contact by the eligibility deadline. The designation may be updated after the eligibilty deadline, but must be completed at least seven days in advance of the voting period.

Is my organization required to designate a representative as a Voting Contact in order to vote in ARIN Elections?

Yes, every ARIN Member organization is required to designate a representative who has a valid ARIN Online account as their Voting Contact in order to be eligible to vote in ARIN Elections. If you’re unsure whether your organization has a designated Voting Contact on file, you may inquire by emailing

Will my organization be notified when ARIN Elections open?

Yes, all ARIN Member organizations’ designated Voting Contacts will be notified by email prior to and when ARIN Elections open. A detailed Voter Guide will also be sent directly to Voting Contacts prior to the election opening.

A detailed election process calendar with key dates is also available on ARIN’s Election Headquarters page.