Nomination Committee FAQs

There are a number of significant changes affecting the 2022 ARIN Elections - check out our summary with links to detailed explanations!

What is the purpose of the Nominating Committee?

The Nominating Committee (The NomCom) is responsible for identifying, recruiting, verifying eligibility, and classifying nominees standing for election to the ARIN Board of Trustees (Board) and Advisory Council (AC), in accordance with the Bylaws and the Election Processes. (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2.a.).

The NomCom is a standing committee of the Board, as specified in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 3(a).

Who serves on the NomCom?

The NomCom is comprised of seven representatives, including two members from the ARIN Board of Trustees (one serving as Chair) who then select and appoint the remaining five representatives from a pool of eligible volunteers associated with ARIN General Members. The five appointed representatives from the pool of eligible volunteers may include up to two serving AC members.

Volunteer representatives from General Members in Good Standing of the NomCom are asked to sign and return a a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) within three business days of being selected.

The list of members of the NomCom as of 2022 are available on the Committees and Working Groups page.

How does the NomCom select candidates from among the nominees?

The ARIN Board of Trustees makes appointments to the NomCom before the Call for Nominations. The NomCom classifies nominees on established qualifications as outlined in the Nomination Committee Charter, including written guidance to the NomCom from the Board of Trustees regarding the skills and experience that the Board feels would assist in effective governance of ARIN. The AC also now provides similar direction to the NomCom in the form of their own written guidance. The deliberations of the NomCom regarding nominees are not open to ARIN staff or the non-participating ARIN Trustees and AC. Following its deliberations, the NomCom presents a Slate of Candidates for the ARIN Board of Trustees and AC to the ARIN President and CEO for acceptance and approval.

The 2022 Board Guidance to the NomCom is available here.

The 2022 AC Guidance to the NomCom is available here.

If a nominee is not part of the announced list of candidates, is there any action the nominee can take to become a candidate?

Yes, as long as the individual submitted a completed nomination and was classified as “Unable to Qualify”. Both the ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council have a petition process available for elections. ARIN’s petition process allows for nominees not included on the Initial Slate to appeal to the community and be placed on the Final Slate.

The NomCom’s response to the Intent to Petition Submission will include notice to the nominee, issued in consultation with the ARIN General Counsel, that a summary of the assessment of the NomCom regarding the nominee’s qualifications and the factors included in the assessment will be shared as part of the notice of the Petition to the ARIN Membership.