Improving Regional Internet Registry Alignment in the RPKI Space

Improving Regional Internet Registry Alignment in the RPKI Space

As a result of the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Strategic Review Process, which started in 2022, the NRO agreed to work toward providing a robust, coordinated, and secure Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) service as one of its main priorities.

The RPKI Steering Group, comprising routing security experts from all the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), collaborated to define the job description for the RPKI Program Manager and a global search was conducted in 2023. The NRO RPKI Program was formally launched with the onboarding of the Program Manager in January 2024.

Members of the RPKI Steering Group

Name Title RIR
Yogesh Chadee Head of Value Added Services AFRINIC
Anton Strydom Director, Engineering APNIC
Tom Harrison Product and Delivery Manager - Registry Product APNIC
Mark Kosters Chief Technology Officer ARIN
Brad Gorman Senior Product Owner, Routing Security ARIN
Carlos Martinez Cagnazzo Chief Technology Officer LACNIC
Jorge Cano Senior Software Architect LACNIC
Felipe Victolla Silveira Chief Technology Officer RIPE NCC
Tim Bruijnzeels Principal Engineer RPKI RIPE NCC

Learn more about the NRO RPKI Program.

What do we want to achieve?

Ultimately, the global Internet community will benefit from an overall improvement in the trust and security of routing decisions. In the shorter term, the NRO RPKI Program aims to provide a more consistent and uniformly secure, resilient, and reliable RPKI service to help remove barriers currently experienced by network operators who create RPKI objects through multiple RIRs.

Do you create and manage RPKI objects through more than one RIR? We want to hear from you.

What’s been happening?

I’ve been working with the Steering Group on developing a set of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to describe the more specific outcomes that we would like to achieve in 2024. We will soon share these OKRs through the RPKI Program webpage, and the Steering Group will be working on an implementation plan to achieve those outcomes.

What do you think we should be working on? Do you have ideas that you would like to propose? Please share them with us!

Get in touch.

Send any questions or comments to Find us at Internet events. A cohort of RPKI Steering Group members, as well as myself, will be attending the IETF 119 meeting in Brisbane, Australia. Please say hello if you see us there!

Curious to know more? Visit the NRO RPKI Program webpage and watch out for future blog posts about our work.

  Learn more about ARIN’s RPKI services at  

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A photo of Sofía Silva Berenguer
Sofía Silva Berenguer
RPKI Program Manager, NRO

Sofía holds an MSc in Telematics Engineering and is an Ontological Coach. She works as the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Program Manager for the Number Resource Organization (NRO) and the Process and Productivity Engineer for the Registry Value Stream at APNIC. She joined the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) world in 2010 when she started working for LACNIC as a Hostmaster and Policy Officer. She then held a few different technical roles at LACNIC, as a Networks and Security Engineer first, then moving on to a role as a Senior Security and Stability Specialist. She joined APNIC in 2017 as a Data Scientist, then became a Product Manager and later a Productivity Coach.

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