Introducing the ARIN 52 Fellows

Introducing the ARIN 52 Fellows

ARIN staff is busy preparing for ARIN 52, our fall Public Policy and Members Meeting taking place 19-20 October in San Diego, California. Meanwhile, we are also excited to be kicking off the ARIN 52 Fellowship Program!

A Hybrid Experience

The Fellowship Program will once again be conducted in a hybrid format. The agenda will include:

  • Two virtual sessions introducing the workings of the organization and the ARIN Policy Development Process (PDP),
  • The virtual ARIN 52 Meeting Orientation,
  • Participation in NANOG 89, held in the days ahead of ARIN 52, and
  • Participation in ARIN 52 either virtually or in person in San Diego.

Throughout the program, Fellows will also benefit from mentorship by an experienced ARIN community member.

Click here to learn more about this fall’s program agenda.

The ARIN Fellowship Program provides a fun and engaging way for Fellows to get immersed in ARIN’s work and feel ready to participate in the upcoming meeting. With the addition of this group of 14 Fellows we have now welcomed nearly 200 new voices to our community over the last decade.

Meet the Fellows

To get to know them better, we asked each of our new Fellows to share a few tidbits of information about themselves, including: one word that describes how they felt upon learning they were selected for the program; what they are most looking forward to about the experience; and their favorite book, movie, or hobby. Let’s meet the ARIN 52 Fellows!


E. Marie BrierleyFounder and President, Saatvik Advisors; Founder and Director, Saatvik Research
Reaction: Honored
Looking forward to: Deeper understanding of ARIN’s policy process, history and professional networking
Favorite hobby: Hanging out with my rescue tortoise, T. Knievel

Jung Seob KimSenior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, McKesson
Reaction: Blessed
Looking forward to: Engaging with other fellows
Favorite book: “Justice,” by Michael J. Sandel

Abraham RiosNetwork Engineer/Account Manager, IP ArchiTechs
Reaction: Honored
Looking forward to: Collaborating with professionals from various backgrounds in both virtual and physical settings
Favorite hobby: Playing piano

Matthew SchneiderCEO, Threat InSites
Reaction: Grateful
Looking forward to: The in-person meeting
Favorite podcast: Comedy Bang! Bang!

Rebecca KaiserNetwork/Security Analyst, Nocix
Reaction: Honored
Looking forward to: Networking and learning
Favorite podcast: New Heights


Waqar AhmadSenior Delivery Specialist, Rogers Communications
Reaction: Ecstatic
Looking forward to: Networking with the other fellows and to find mentorship opportunities with experts in the field
Favorite hobby: Cricket and football

Caleb OgundeleBusiness Analyst, credit union
Reaction: Excited
Looking forward to: Connecting with other fellows and professionals to learn from their shared experiences
Favorite movie: Black Panther

Evghenii KosatiiTechnical Lead, Addrex
Reaction: Excited
Looking forward to: Learning as much as possible about policy creation process from seasoned ARIN community members
Favorite hobby: Skiing

Mohibul MahmudSupport Engineer, Microsoft
Reaction: Thrilled
Looking forward to: Networking opportunities
Favorite book: “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho

Dana CramerPh.D. Student, Toronto Metropolitan University
Reaction: Delighted
Looking forward to: Meeting the other fellows and learning about various Internet-related career paths
Favorite podcast: CBC’s “At Issue”

Nick SlaterOwner/Founder/CEO, Zeuter Development Corporation
Reaction: Ecstatic
Looking forward to: Learning why if a registrar does not fix an issue with spam, he/she are allowed to continue being a registrar
Favorite movie: My Dinner with Andre


Davon BakerIT Manager/Systems Administrator, Government of Grenada
Reaction: Thrilled
Looking forward to: Engaging with industry experts and fellow participants to gain comprehensive perspective on Internet policies and technologies
Favorite book: “The Mamba Mentality,” by Kobe Bryant

Matthew CowenFounder and CEO, dgtlfutures
Reaction: Delighted
Looking forward to: Meeting new people and learning more about ARIN and how it works with the Internet
Favorite hobby: Cycling

Marcellus ConstanceTechnical Operations Manager, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Reaction: Elated
Looking forward to: Networking and getting a better understanding of ARIN’s Policy Development Process
Favorite book: “The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less,” by Richard Koch

Our Mentors and Special Guests

Fellows will be paired with an experienced ARIN community member to help guide them through the meeting and policy discussions. Mentors also lead small group breakout sessions to discuss policy development and other topics in more detail. A few additional members of the AC and ARIN staff will join us throughout the program to explain the Policy Development Process (PDP), what policies to expect on the docket for discussion at ARIN 52, and ARIN resources and services.

Thank you to these volunteers for their involvement in the ARIN 52 Fellowship Program — their participation is key to the success of our Fellows!


Douglas Camin – ARIN AC
Chris Tacit – ARIN AC
Kerrie Richards – former ARIN AC
Alicia Trotman – ARIN AC

Special Guests

Eddie Diego – ARIN Policy Analyst
Kat Hunter – ARIN AC, Vice Chair
Leif Sawyer – ARIN AC, Chair
Jon Worley – ARIN Senior Technology Architect
Kevin Blumberg – ARIN representative, Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council
Alison Wood – ARIN AC

Peek Inside the Program

The ARIN 52 Fellowship Program will consist of multiple sessions held virtually from 28 September to 12 October.

Leif Sawyer and Kat Hunter, AC Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, will join us for the first two sessions. They, along with ARIN’s Policy Analyst, Eddie Diego, will discuss the PDP at ARIN and policies on the docket at ARIN 52. And Kevin Blumberg, CTO of The Wire Inc. and an ARIN representative on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council, will provide a high-level introduction to the NRO Number Council/Address Supporting Organization Address Council and the Internet governance landscape. Each mentor will also have time in the spotlight, to talk about their career journey and their experiences with ARIN.

For the third session, Fellows will attend the virtual ARIN 52 Meeting Orientation to learn more about ARIN and receive helpful information for attending and participating in the ARIN 52 Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Fellows then have the opportunity to travel to or participate virtually in both the ARIN meeting and NANOG 89, where they will see and experience firsthand the policy discussions, presentations, and networking that serve as the backbone of the Internet community.

In the final virtual session after the meeting, Fellows will discuss their experience in the program and takeaways from ARIN 52. We look forward to a fun and meaningful time with this group of Fellows and to adding more new voices to our public policy discussions.

For more updates, follow us @TeamARIN on Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter, and on LinkedIn at ARIN’s company page. Stay tuned for information regarding the ARIN 53 Fellowship Program next year!

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