Call for Grant Applications Is Open

Call for Grant Applications Is Open

We recently issued the call for applications for the 2022 ARIN Community Grant Program that provides financial grants in support of operational and research projects that improve the overall Internet industry and Internet user environment. This is the fourth year of the program since it launched in 2019. Since then, we have awarded 15 grants and collectively, based on recipient reporting, the completed projects have reached an estimated 46,500+ individuals so far. We are looking forward to supporting more projects that benefit the ARIN community this year and encourage you to apply if you think your project seems like a good fit.

Eligibility Requirements

We welcome applications from individuals on behalf of organizations that are pursuing projects that are non-commercial in nature and broadly benefit the Internet community within the ARIN region. We use the following four categories to determine fit:

  • Internet technical improvements that promote and facilitate the expansion, development, and growth of the infrastructure of the Internet consistent with the public interest
  • Registry processes and technology improvements that help maintain a globally consistent and highly usable Internet Number Registry system
  • Informational outreach that advances the Internet on topics such as, but not limited to: IPv6 deployment, Internet research, and Internet governance
  • Research related to ARIN’s mission and operations

Please refer to the ARIN Community Grant webpage for more details on eligibility and guidelines for applicants.

Grant Application Tips

If you are thinking about applying for an ARIN Community Grant this year, I recommend you take a look at past grant recipients to get a sense for the types of projects we typically fund. I also recommend that you read through all the content we have posted on our website and very carefully consider how your project meets the selection criteria. The best tip I have for you is to make it very clear throughout your application how your project meets each of the five main topic areas in the selection criteria, including:

  • Alignment with eligibility guidelines
  • Relevance and reach
  • Impact
  • Budget
  • Likelihood of success

The selection criteria you see here are the same ones the Grant Selection Committee uses to review and score applications, which then becomes the blueprint to help make the decision on which projects to fund.

Program Adjustments

New this year, you will be given the opportunity to request that an ARIN staff member reach out to you about your application after you have submitted it. If this is your first year applying, I suggest selecting yes, so we may reach out and act as a sounding board for any questions you might have about completing the application; from which details to include in the project overview to the items needed in the budget breakdown.

We also made some adjustments the application questions to include a request for biographies of senior participants in the project work and inclusion of a data management plan if code or data will be generated. We included a new section called Outcomes, Impact, and Sustainability in the application form to get a better sense of how projects plan to demonstrate results and specifically whom they aim to benefit. We also request that applicants specify how outcomes will be broadly available, sustainable, or replicable.

How to Apply

You will need to create an account in Survey Monkey Apply to complete your application for the ARIN Community Grant Program. The call for applications is open now through 15 June 2022. Your application should include enough detail to be able to properly evaluate the long-term value the project will bring to the ARIN community. The strongest applications are both thoughtful and detailed. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

I look forward to seeing the projects you are working on to the benefit of the Internet community in the ARIN region!

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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