CrypTech Project: Making the Internet a Little Bit Safer

CrypTech Project: Making the Internet a Little Bit Safer

ARIN Community Grant Program Recipient Report

Since 2014, CrypTech has been trying to make the Internet safer to use with its open-source hardware engine that will meet the needs of Internet infrastructure systems that use cryptography.


CrypTech received a grant from ARIN this year to help facilitate its ongoing project. Because of ARIN’s involvement, we were able to build six prototype boards of our newest design iteration, which includes new components for more security overall.

Hardware security modules can be helpful for companies and organizations to utilize encryption for sensitive information, but some don’t have the resources to implement them. We’re hoping to make the entry point easier for everyone with this open-source project.

A few of our accomplishments this year include:

  • Board designs moved to KiCAD and verified
  • New board design complete, including new MKM, new FPGAs, and tighter security embedded in the physical layer
  • Six new prototype boards created, debugging in progress
  • Testing is underway on the new components

CrypTech Alpha Board

Our overall project accomplishments include:

  • Open-source hardware and software published
    • RSA signing remains the main use case (80 sigs/sec)
    • Release 4 of the software, with updates coming once testing of the new board is complete
  • Hash-based signatures
  • External security code audit

All of our hardware and software is documented and publicly available as open-source solutions, if you’re interested in learning more.

Benefits to the ARIN Region

The new technology that we have been able to create enables registries, network operators, and vendors to build security technology that is based on a fully open, auditable and reproducible design for commercial and research applications.

Our vision is to support the Internet community globally, and any operations of RPKI infrastructure or DSSEC infrastructure in the ARIN region could benefit from our technology. We’ve heard from feedback from our users saying: “The CrypTech technology allowed us to build a proof-of-concept Hardware Security Module for DNSSEC signing and identity management operations using RSA. This allowed us to implement a fully open source HSM.”

What’s Next for CrypTech?

We are currently in the testing phase for our new components. Visit for more information on this ongoing project.

About the ARIN Community Grant Program

ARIN provides financial grants in support of initiatives that improve the Internet industry and user environment. Since its launch in 2019, ARIN has funded 15 projects. Visit the ARIN Community Grant Program page for more information and to find out how your organization can apply in 2022.

Post written by:

A photo of Phil Roberts
Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts works with CrypTech, an international project creating an open source hardware and software cryptographic engine. He is also an independent consultant, providing consulting services on Internet technology and security, business development, and business management.

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