Top 10 Articles in 2019

Top 10 Articles in 2019

We’ve reached the end of a year (and a decade!), and we want to thank you for all you’ve done to support our community this year. It’s been a productive and fun 2019. We traveled to Barbados and Austin, TX for our Public Policy and Members Meetings, started new initiatives like the ARIN Community Grant Program, launched a new, held our first training webinars, and so much more.

We wanted to share a few highlights from TeamARIN this year, and would like to thank all the authors who contributed to the blog in 2019.

Here’s a look at the most popular blogs from this year!

  1. How to Request an ASN from ARIN - Lisa Liedel, Registration Services Manager, explains how you can easily request an ASN from ARIN.
  2. Why is IPv6 Faster? - Why is IPv6 faster than IPv4? Lee Howard, founder of Retevia, explores this question and shares his findings following his recent presentation at NANOG 76. He also provides detailed instructions for how to enable IPv6 on your website based on your web host.
  3. Microsoft Works Toward IPv6-only Single Stack Network - Veronika McKillop, Network Architect for Microsoft CSEO, explains why Microsoft decided to make the move to an IPv6-only internal network and offers her advice for those looking to do the same.
  4. Taking a Hard Line on Fraud - Stephen M. Ryan, ARIN General Counsel, shares how ARIN’s staff actively investigates suspected cases of fraud, and what you should do if you suspect fraud.
  5. Getting Ready for the “Big Reveal” - Hollis Kara, Communications Director, offers a sneak peek at the upcoming launch of our newly redesigned, debuting on 2 March 2019.
  6. Why VPNs Should be IPv6 Enabled - Alex Mitchell of VPNpro explains what it means for a VPN to be IPv6-enabled, and why you should choose a VPN that’s ready for IPv6.
  7. Practical Steps to Accelerate IPv6 Adoption - Matthew Wilder explains how TELUS deployed IPv6 and outlines some of the practical steps organizations can take to accelerate IPv6 adoption.
  8. Under the Hood of the New ARIN.NET - Andy Newton, Chief Engineer, takes us under the hood of our new to explore the technology behind the website.
  9. Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment - What economic incentives affect decisions by network operators to deploy IPv6? Brenden Kuerbis reports on the findings of a study done with Milton Mueller and shares why it makes sense to consider the architectural, economic, and policy implications of what a mixed world means.
  10. Testament to the Adaptability of the Internet - Scott Johnson marvels at the adaptability of the Internet’s underlying structure as he describes the SolarNetOne network build. He advises to crawl before you walk, so deploying IPv6 will seem a lot less daunting.

If you would like to contribute a guest blog in 2020 let us know! You can email us at with your idea.

We thank you again for your support this year. We’re truly powered by your participation. Wishing you all the best in 2019!

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