Qualified Facilitator Program

Qualified Facilitator Program (Logo)

As part of our customer-focused approach to serving the community, we are pleased to introduce the ARIN Qualified Facilitator Program.


ARIN Qualified Facilitators serve as resources for the community by helping organizations seeking assistance in acquiring or transferring IPv4 or Autonomous System Number (ASN) resources. 

By vetting and approving Qualified Facilitators, ARIN aims to improve our overall customer experience. Using a Qualified Facilitator may streamline the transfer process with ARIN Registration Services.

Use of a Qualified Facilitator is only for those organizations wishing to obtain or transfer IPv4 address space or ASNs to or from another organization, and is subject to the ARIN Qualified Facilitator Terms of Use. If you wish to request IPv4 space directly from ARIN, please refer to the ARIN IPv4 Waiting List page for your options.

Looking for a Qualified Facilitator to assist with your transfer? Visit our Qualified Facilitators page.

Why Use a Qualified Facilitator?

Qualified Facilitators have undergone a thorough review process by ARIN staff.

Using a Qualified Facilitator may be a good option for:

  • Organizations in need of IPv4 address space but unsure of where to get it
  • Organizations with unused IPv4 address space unsure of the organization to whom they wish to transfer it
  • Organizations who may need assistance understanding and navigating the resource transfer process
Please note: Organizations are not required to use a Qualified Facilitator when transferring IPv4 or ASN resources.

Become a Qualified Facilitator

Becoming an ARIN Qualified Facilitator requires a stringent application process. Rigorous criteria have been established so a customer can utilize an ARIN Qualified Facilitator with confidence.

If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Facilitator, please see the requirements below. If you or your organization meets the qualifications, please follow the process shown here to begin the application process.

Qualified Facilitator Requirements

Organizations seeking Qualified Facilitator status MUST:

  • Be legally registered entities in good standing within the ARIN region.
  • Be under an ARIN Registration Services Agreement (RSA version 12 or 13)
  • Operate within the ARIN service region.   
  • Not be listed on the US Government’s Consolidated Screening List or be prohibited from conducting business in the United States by any government sanctions list such as the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  
  • Ensure there are at least two representatives of their company listed as Points of Contact for the approved Qualified Facilitator organization, who also satisfy the following:   
    • Are a current employee, officer, director, or shareholder of the company  
    • Possess a verifiable corporate email address and phone number 
    • Completed the ARIN qualification on transfers at ARIN. (The awarding of the qualification is based on an interview and subsequent approval from both the General Counsel and the Chief Customer Officer.)
  • Demonstrate general liability insurance naming ARIN, with minimum coverage limits of $1M.  
  • Furnish evidence of third-party background checks for key employees.
  • Provide indemnification protection for ARIN.  
  • Provide at least three written customer references, to include contact information for verification.  
  • Agree to and abide by the terms outlined in the following documents:  
  • Notify ARIN whenever they are assisting with a transfer ticket on behalf of a customer. 
  • Confirm compliance with the Qualified Facilitator requirements and pay the fee on an annual basis. 
Violations of the Qualified Facilitator Code of Conduct should be reported to ARIN at facilitator-support@arin.net.


ARIN charges an annual fee for registered Qualified Facilitators to offset the cost of its operation. Up-to-date fee information is provided in the fee schedule.