IPv4 Waiting List

ARIN Board Suspends Waiting List Issuance Policy

07 February 2019: We will continue to accept and process IPv4 requests according to NRPM 4.1.8, and organizations may be added to the waiting list while waiting list issuance is suspended. All future IPv4 address space issued under this policy is subject to the outcome of pending policy review.

Details are available in the recent announcement.

ARIN’s free pool depleted in September 2015. The IPv4 Waiting List is one of several ways an organization may request IPv4 addresses from ARIN. Other available options are to transfer resources or request IPv4 addresses from pools reserved specifically for micro-allocations (NRPM 4.4) or Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment (NRPM 4.10).

Waiting List Process

If an IPv4 Waiting List request meets current policy requirements, the organization will be placed on the IPv4 Waiting List for their approved block size. The qualifying organization must specify the smallest block size they would be willing to accept to fulfill their request. Receipt of IPv4 space in any amount via IPv4 Waiting List, 8.3 Specified Recipient Transfer, or 8.4 Inter-RIR Transfer removes the organization from the IPv4 Waiting List.

As IPv4 addresses become available, typically through revocations due to non-payment, they will be used to fill requests on a first-approved basis, subject to the size of each available address block.

Please note the following:

  • An organization may only have one request on the IPv4 Waiting List at a time.
  • Once a request is added to the IPv4 Waiting List, the smallest acceptable block size may be adjusted by the requestor at any time, however the maximum block size cannot be changed. To request a larger block, the organization must close their existing IPv4 Waiting List ticket and submit a new request for the larger block. The new request will be added to the IPv4 Waiting List in the order in which it is approved.
  • If an organization declines to accept a block that becomes available, ARIN will consider the request fulfilled and will remove the request from the IPv4 Waiting List.
  • Organizations must be current on all fees at the time a block becomes available. Organizations with an existing ARIN billing account will be notified of any past due fees and may remain on the IPv4 Waiting List, but will not be eligible to receive IPv4 addresses.
  • If an organization’s account is revoked for non-payment, their ticket will be removed from the IPv4 Waiting List. If the account is later reinstated and returned to good standing with ARIN, the organization must submit a new request, and the new request will be added to the IPv4 Waiting List in the order in which it is approved.
  • When an organization’s IPv4 Waiting List request has been filled, the organization may not be approved for placement onto the IPv4 Waiting List for a period of three months, unless a waiver is requested and granted in accordance with policy requirements.
  • When an organization is notified that an IPv4 block is available, ARIN’s Financial Services will request a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) and/or registration fees when applicable.

Additional information and instructions for submitting an IPv4 request for placement onto the IPv4 Waiting List can be found on the Request IPv4 Addresses page.

Waiting List Status Report

The table below represents the current state of the Waiting List for Unmet Requests. This list is provided in chronological order beginning with the oldest waiting list request. The wait listed date column represents the date and time that the request was placed on the waiting list.

This table is not indicative of the order in which requests will be filled. That order depends entirely upon the order, size, and quantity of IPv4 address blocks that ARIN receives and places back into its IPv4 inventory. For some example scenarios, visit the How Waiting List Requests Work page.

Status Report for the IPv4 Waiting List
Request's Position on Waiting List Date and Time Added to Waiting List Maximum Approved Prefix Size Minimum Acceptable Prefix Size
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