Find a Qualified Facilitator

This list includes all of the facilitators who have been approved by ARIN as a Qualified Facilitator. If your organization is looking to complete an IPv4 address or Autonomous System Number (ASN) transfer, using a Qualified Facilitator may help make the process easier.

An ARIN Qualified Facilitator can assist client organizations to complete transfers in accordance with ARIN policy.

The listing below is ordered by the qualified date. Your organization is welcome to reach out to a Qualified Facilitator directly for assistance.

Qualified Facilitators
Organization Name Org ID Contact Name and Email Contact Phone Date Qualified
Addrex, Inc. ADDDR William Sylvester +1 703-436-8050 9 June 2023
IPv4.Global, a division of Hilco Streambank HISL-5 Akeyla Wallace +1 212-610-5643 19 June 2023
Kalorama Group, LLC KGL-14 Josh Bourne +1 202-223-9081 27 June 2023
Alpha InfoLab Inc AI-1720 Dewang Goyal +1 385-234-0511 29 June 2023 NCS-147 Mike Burns +1 855-478-7233 6 July 2023
Connexly LLC CL-1557 Philip Ward +1 917-886-2491 2 August 2023
Avenue4 LLC AL-734 Marc Lindsey +1 202-741-9521 29 August 2023
Note: Usage of the above Qualified Facilitator Program is subject to the Qualified Facilitator Terms of Use. Violations of the Qualified Facilitator Code of Conduct should be reported to ARIN at

Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS) Registered Transfer Facilitators

From August 2010 until February 2023, ARIN provided the Specified Transfer Listing Service to customers to help organizations with specified transfers. This service expired on 1 June 2023. The list of facilitators below were registered under the expired Specified Transfer Listing Service, and will remain on this list until their one-year registration term expires.

Registered Transfer Facilitators (STLS)
Organization Name Org ID Contact Name and Email Contact Phone Date Registered
Decimal Brokers DL-780 Brianna Aaby +1 212-512-0878 15 September 2020
Prefix Broker B.V. PB-2059 Erik Bais +31 85 9020417 08 September 2015
Brander Group, Inc DBA IPv4 Connect BG-366 Alexa Beaumont +1 702-560-5616 12 December 2017
BRENAC TB-704 Thomas Brenac +3 3686263575 21 January 2020
IPv4 Market Group, LLC IMGL-3 Sandra Brown +1 716-348-6768 22 September 2011
Larus Cloud Service LCSL-8 Paul Lam +852 94554546 04 January 2018
IPv4 Broker LLC IPVBR Sahil Sharma +971 58 993 7577 29 September 2022
IPv4XI Limited ILB-5 Willem van Strij de Regt +44 117 205 0611 27 December 2022
V4Escrow, LLC VL-71 Elvis Daniel Velea +1 702-475-5914 23 September 2013

Note: ARIN neither endorses nor guarantees the services provided by registered transfer facilitators. ARIN makes no representation as to the quality or suitability of services offered. ARIN is not responsible nor is it liable for any content, data, products, goods or services provided by or through these organizations. ARIN recommends that you conduct your own independent due diligence and research into any potential provider that you are considering before engaging any such provider. If you seek additional information regarding any entity on the above list, please contact them directly.

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