Qualified Facilitator Program Code of Conduct

Duty of Ethical Behavior

In all transactions, Qualified Facilitators should observe the duties of good faith and fair dealing.

Duty of Transparency

  • All brokerage arrangements must be supported by written contracts.
  • Contracts must (a) disclose who the Qualified Facilitator represents (including situations when there is dual representation), (b) disclose all fees the Qualified Facilitator will receive from the transaction, and (c) describe the services to be provided.
  • Qualified Facilitators will not represent more than one party to a transaction unless they obtain the prior written informed consent of all represented parties.
  • Qualified Facilitators must notify ARIN whenever they are assisting with a transfer ticket on behalf of a customer, this includes but is not limited to being identified in the ticket or identifying all participants and observers when participating in phone calls with ARIN.

Duty of Competency

  • Qualified Facilitators will have reasonable knowledge of the applicable ARIN transfer policies.
  • Qualified Facilitators will use reasonable efforts to conduct due diligence to avoid submitting transfer requests that are frivolous or without a reasonable basis.
  • Qualified Facilitators will adhere to ARIN’s transfer policies.

Duty of Care

  • Qualified Facilitators will not mispresent material facts to their clients or ARIN.
  • Qualified Facilitators will not engage in fraud or act in a grossly negligent matter.

Duty to Cooperate

  • Qualified Facilitators will reasonably cooperate with ARIN and other Qualified Facilitators.
  • Qualified Facilitators will reasonably cooperate with ARIN with all transfer requests, and any 3rd party disputes.

Duty of Compliance

In providing facilitator services, Qualified Facilitators will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Violations of the Qualified Facilitator Code of Conduct should be reported to ARIN at facilitator-support@arin.net.