Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2022-1

MDN Clarification for Qualification

Status: Implemented 1 March 2023
Shepherds: Chris Woodfield, Brian Jones

Current Text (2 May 2022)

AC Assessment of Conformance with the Principles of Internet Number Resource Policy:

Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2022-1 conforms to the principles of the ARIN Policy Development Process as follows:

  • By providing greater clarity concerning transfer requirements for organizations operating Multiple Discrete Networks (MDNs), it promotes fair and impartial number resource administration;
  • It is technically sound because it clarifies the technical requirements for receiving IPv4 resources via transfer if one is an MDN operator; and
  • Community support has been demonstrated throughout the process associated with its development.

Problem Statement:

The requirements for transfers involving companies operating multiple discrete networks under section 8.5 of the NRPM are unclear and need clarification.

Policy statement:

Replace the first paragraph of Section 8.5.7 with the following:

Organizations may qualify for additional IPv4 address blocks by demonstrating 80% utilization of their currently allocated space. In organizations operating multiple discrete networks, each discrete network may be assessed individually for the 80% utilization threshold. To qualify under this policy, the organization must provide justification that each network is discrete, per the criteria described in section 4.5. Each discrete network must meet the projection requirements in section 8.5.5, and each discrete network for which IP addresses are requested must meet the utilization requirements in section 8.5.6. Organizations may receive one or more transfers up to the total size of their current ARIN IPv4 address holdings, up to a maximum size of /16.

Timetable for Implementation: Any

Staff Understanding

This Draft Policy expands Section 8.5.7: Alternative Additional IPv4 Address Block Criteria to clarify qualification criteria for organizations with Multiple Discrete Networks, specifying that each network must be assessed individually for utilization thresholds. The text codifies current practice, and is clear and understandable.

Implementable as Written?: Yes

Impact on ARIN Registry Operations and Services:


Legal Review:

No material legal issue.

Implementation Timeframe Estimate: Three months

Implementation Requirements:

  • Staff training
  • Updates to public documentation
  • Updates to internal procedures and guidelines

Proposal/Draft Policy Text Assessed: 17 March 2022

History and Earlier Versions

Action Date
Proposal 9 December 2021
Draft Policy 2 March 2022
Revised 17 March 2022
Recommended 2 May 2022
Last Call 26 October 2022
Advanced to Board of Trustees 17 November 2022
Adopted 19 December 2022
Implemented 22 March 2022