ARIN Shows Strong Support for Caribbean Development at Connected Caribbean Summit

ARIN Shows Strong Support for Caribbean Development at Connected Caribbean Summit

ARIN demonstrated its staunch commitment to Caribbean development at the recent Connected Caribbean Summit, held at the Hilton Blue Lagoon in Miami on 5-6 December 2023.

The Connected Caribbean Summit is a unique, annual gathering uniting government, business, and justice sector leaders, along with other key stakeholders, for collaborative problem solving and accelerated Caribbean development. But more than an event, the summit is a call to action. ARIN is proud to play a role in connecting leaders across sectors for collective action in building a more safe, open, and resilient global Internet. Day one of the 2023 summit included plenary sessions providing insights into trends impacting the region, and day two featured targeted fora for business leaders, tech executives, and judicial and legal officers.

ARIN delegation to the Connected Caribbean Summit
The ARIN delegation at the Connect Caribbean Summit. From left: Nate Davis, Senior Government Affairs Analyst; Einar Bohlin, VP, Government Affairs; Leslie Nobile, Senior Director, Trust and Public Safety; Michael Abejuela, General Counsel; and Bevil Wooding, Director of Caribbean Affairs.

Led by its Government Affairs Department (GAD), the ARIN delegation comprised Michael Abejuela, General Counsel; Einar Bohlin, VP, Government Affairs; Nate Davis, Senior Government Affairs Analyst; Leslie Nobile, Senior Director, Trust and Public Safety; and Bevil Wooding, Director of Caribbean Affairs. They played a pivotal role in key fora at the summit, forged a strategic partnership to promote digital resilience within the private sector, and contributed insights on crucial issues impacting the Caribbean.

Participation and Presentations

Michael Abejuela
ARIN General Council Michael Abejuela delivers the feature address in the Justice Forum on day two of the Connected Caribbean Summit.

Michael delivered the feature address in the Justice Forum, exploring the topic “Beyond Digital Transformation: Justice in the Age of AI — Surviving Disruption, Navigating Change, Improving Justice Delivery.” He highlighted ARIN’s value in tackling technical as well as legal issues impacting the development of a safe, open, and resilient Internet. His presentation provided valuable insights into the intersection of technology and justice and fueled a broader conversation on the role ARIN can play in supporting awareness building in the justice sector.

“The Connected Caribbean Summit provided a valuable platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the region,” Michael said. “ARIN is proud to be a partner in fostering digital resilience, and we look forward to continuing these critical conversations.”

Einar Bohlin
VP of Government Affairs Einar Bohlin addresses the Ministerial Forum hosted on day two of the Connected Caribbean Summit.

During the Ministerial Forum, Einar presented on “Internet Trends Transforming Public Policy Making,” emphasizing ARIN’s dedication to engaging with governmental stakeholders. His presentation provided an overview of key international Internet policy trends and emphasized the importance of aligning public policy frameworks with these emerging trends. This session demonstrated ARIN’s commitment to facilitating discussions that bridge the gap between technological advancements and effective policymaking. “Our participation in the Summit underscores ARIN’s commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing,” Einar said. “By working closely with Caribbean stakeholders, we aim to contribute to the region’s digital transformation and resilience.”

Leslie Nobile
Leslie Nobile, Senior Director of Trust and Public Safety, speaks at the Justice Forum.

Leslie shared her expertise on the topic “RIRs, Cybersecurity, and Safeguarding the Global Internet” during the Justice Forum. Her presentation showcased the role of ARIN and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) in global cybersecurity. She also contributed to the discourse on safeguarding the Internet’s infrastructure. Leslie’s participation aligns with ARIN’s broader commitment to engaging justice sector stakeholders and promoting a secure and resilient global digital environment. “ARIN’s engagement in Connected Caribbean further solidifies the importance of collective action in addressing the crucial issues related to cybersecurity and safeguarding the internet,” she said.

Nate Davis
Nate Davis, Senior Government Affairs Analyst, presents at the Business Forum held on day two of the Connected Caribbean Summit.

In the Business Forum, Nate presented on the topic “Collaborating for Digital Resilience: ARIN’s Role in Promoting Internet Resilience.” Addressing a predominantly private sector audience, he highlighted ARIN’s active role in promoting Internet resilience and emphasized the importance of strategic alliances, interagency partnerships, and collaborative efforts to enhance digital resilience.

Nate’s contribution to the summit aligns with ARIN’s objective of fostering partnerships that contribute to a more secure and robust digital landscape for businesses. “Digital resilience is a shared responsibility,” Nate said, “And ARIN is pleased to be part of initiatives that promote collaboration, innovation, and resilience in the Caribbean.”

Bevil Wooding
Bevil Wooding, Director of Caribbean Affairs, speaks at the Connected Caribbean Summit.

As Director of Caribbean Affairs for ARIN, I helped organize the Connected Caribbean Summit and served as its host. In this role and with the support of the wider GAD team at the Summit, we had the opportunity to strengthen relationships and forge new partnerships between ARIN and other Caribbean stakeholders.

Strategic Partnership with the Caribbean Private Sector

The Connected Caribbean Summit served as the backdrop for a significant milestone for ARIN, as it formalized a strategic partnership with CARICHAM, a network of 24 Caribbean Chambers of Commerce.

To foster collaboration in promoting digital resilience within the private sector, ARIN and CARICHAM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Michael Abejuela represented ARIN, while Petipha Lewis, President of CARICHAM, signed on behalf of the private sector organization.

Michael Abejuela and Petipha Lewis
Michael Abejuela, ARIN General Counsel, shakes hands with Petipha Lewis, President of CARICHAM, in recognition of the new Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two organization at the Connected Caribbean Summit.

The MOU represents the culmination of months of engagement with the regional business community aimed at promoting digital resilience in the private sector. It brings the added benefit of securing support for increased participation by private sector representatives in technical fora in the ARIN service region, such as the ARIN Policy Forum, CaribNOG, and NANOG.  

Beyond the Connected Caribbean Summit

ARIN’s commitment to deepening engagement with Caribbean leaders extends beyond the Connected Caribbean Summit, with strategic plans in place to support the region’s development initiatives. The summit effectively served as the launchpad for our High-Level Officials engagement strategy, which had been on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, prospects are high for deepening engagement with Caribbean leaders in the period ahead. In fact, plans are already underway for ARIN’s participation in activities leading to the next edition of the Connected Caribbean Summit, scheduled for 11-12 December 2024.

Partners in Action Discussion
Nate Davis participating in a panel discussion on “Partners in Action: Collaborating for Climate, Disaster and Digital Resilience” with Iria Gonzales of USAID CBi (Connecting Business initiative) and Natasha Laban of USAID/PROSE.

ARIN will continue playing a central role in fostering digital resilience, connectivity, and Internet governance across the Caribbean through sustained collaboration with regional partners, government officials, business leaders, and development agencies. This includes participating in working groups, fora, and collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening critical Internet infrastructure, promoting IPv6 adoption, championing cybersecurity, and supporting local Internet governance initiatives. We will also do our part to share insights and support knowledge-sharing initiatives and capacity-building programs in the key areas identified at the Connected Caribbean Summit. Stay tuned to our events calendar and social media channels for details on ARIN participation in future Caribbean-focused events.

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A photo of Bevil Wooding
Bevil Wooding
Director of Caribbean Affairs

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