Results of Consultation on RPKI/BGP Intelligence

Posted: Monday, 11 March 2024

From 30 January to 8 March, ARIN held a consultation seeking feedback from the community regarding the level of information presented to the user when they are using ARIN’s Hosted Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) product. Currently when ARIN customers create Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) in ARIN Online, they are only presented with the information in the ROA; they need to use third-party tools to predict the impact of creating the ROA on the global routing table.

ARIN is planning to add functionality to a new RPKI dashboard that will allow a user to view the current RPKI validity state and the resulting impact to routing for the resources covered by the ROA. This will allow users to make more informed decisions about creating ROAs before confirming the changes within ARIN Online. This functionality will be available to ARIN customers who use ARIN Online. ARIN API users will still need to use third-party tools to collect the same information.

Considering the community support shown in response to the consultation, ARIN plans to proceed with development work to add the following features to our RPKI dashboard:

  1. Detailed BGP Data Display: The RPKI dashboard will display a table with near-real-time route announcements, sourced from third-party data, relevant to the organization’s Internet number resources as seen in the global BGP table.
  2. RPKI Validity State Display: The table will include the current RPKI validity state of the route announcements.
  3. Guidance on Resolving Mismatches: The dashboard will highlight any mismatches between BGP announcements, existing ROAs, and their RPKI validity states, providing best practice recommendations for resolution.
  4. Express ROA Creation: The dashboard will provide workflows for the easy creation of appropriate ROAs for any NotFound and Invalid route announcements.
  5. Transparency on Data Sources: Documentation will now include a comprehensive list of third-party data sources and detail the refresh frequency for the BGP information.

ARIN thanks those who provided valuable feedback on this consultation. We rely on this input from our members and community to help steer the organization as we continue our mission in support of the operation and growth of the Internet.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)